Top Reasons for Choosing Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon

Etsy is an online store that distributes its products through a network of websites with distinct international memberships. Shop for fragile antiques acquired, unique, bespoke, and noteworthy possibilities, for instance, or get handmade, traditional, distinctive, and noteworthy gifts for everyone. 7.5 million sellers on Etsy sold their wares in 2021. In actuality, 96 million people actively bought things on Etsy in 2017. You now understand why having an Etsy store is a crucial component of your online store.

A point of contact for Prestashop store owners has been created by Knowband, a community association of internet business experts. Prestashop store owners can start selling on the Etsy marketplace with its help. For merchants, the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon saves a ton of time. How? by shortening the duration of the manual transfer procedure. Additionally, they have the option of managing the stock and requests thanks to this Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon.

Knowband’s Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration

  1. A mass listing of the items can be created quickly using the Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon.
  2. To list the products on the Etsy Marketplace, provide a machine-generated response.
  3. Using the Prestashop Etsy API Integrator, Prestashop stores can transact with stock at Etsy Marketplace.
  4. Effortless Handling of Etsy orders from the Prestashop store.
  5. On the Etsy Marketplace, prices can be changed effectively.
  6. Without any issues, products can be recorded on various Etsy stores.

Factors to consider while selecting the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon

Factors to consider while selecting the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon

Etsy Prestashop Connector makes Managing Profiles easy 

The store administrator can choose the default settings for listing items while managing profiles. In addition, the profile management tab provides basic settings for listing the item. For instance, the currency, language, and shipping profile of an Etsy store vary according to the nation. As a result, the shop administrator can select the default option.

Bulk Product Listing is possible using the Prestashop Etsy Connector

PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Connector

Categories’ Mapping

The Prestashop store administrator must transfer the Prestashop store class to the most significant Etsy Store classification before the products can be listed on Etsy Marketplace. All of the Prestashop store’s products are then assigned to the Etsy category.

With Prestashop’s Prestashop Etsy Connector, Managing Prices is Simple

With the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integrator, the owner of a Prestashop store can list their products on Etsy. Furthermore, it was sold at a higher price than the Prestashop store. The administrator can change the price range on the Etsy Store using the Prestashop integration for Etsy. The administrator has the option to list the products at a more affordable or more expensive price since it is fixed or rate-based.

Simplicity of Continual Synchronization

The cron settings can be found under the Synchronization tab utilized to motorize all CRON parameters, as well. A lot of things can actually be coordinated by the administrator using the Synchronization tab. For example, item status, request status, language synchronization, request declaration, and so forth.

Shipping Methods Mapping

PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Shipping Methods Mapping

This component can be used by the director to create the conveyance profiles. Additionally, the shipping layouts were linked to the various profiles created by Profiles Management.

List of items

As soon as it is complete, the item cron will list the items from the Prestashop Etsy Integration Module to the Etsy Marketplace, together with the assortments, stock, and item portrayal. This element, therefore, aids in uploading the products.

Sync locally

The Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon provides a “nearby sync” feature. The Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon and the Prestashop store stuff are synchronized by this component. Also, the administrator can sync their products from the Prestashop store to the Prestashop Etsy API Integrator with the help of local sync. Additionally, the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon has this tab under the synchronization tab.


What do you make of these arguments? You could also call them the main features of the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon. The Knowband plugin is a beautiful choice that can increase your sales and profits. If you’re interested and have any inquiries, please contact us at

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