Advance features of Prestashop Etsy marketplace which you don’t know

An interface for Prestashop store owners has been built by Knowband, an e-commerce service provider, to let them start selling on the Etsy marketplace. Furthermore, The Prestashop Etsy marketplace saves sellers time by eliminating the time spent manually listing items on Etsy. They can even use the Prestashop Etsy marketplace connection extension to manage inventory as well as the orders for Etsy shop orders from the Prestashop back office.

Prestashop Etsy marketplace

What are the key benefits of the Prestashop Etsy marketplace?

  • Etsy Prestashop Integration Module allows uploading a large number of products in a few clicks.
  • To list the products on Etsy Marketplace, you’ll need an automated solution.
  • Prestashop Etsy marketplace allows you to manage your Etsy Marketplace inventory directly from your PrestaShop store. It even permits orders from the Etsy store processed through the PrestaShop store.
  • Prestashop Etsy marketplace allows you to look at the sales report.
  • It also allows you to see a report on product sales.
  • On Etsy Marketplace, you can easily adjust the prices.
  • You may easily list your things on several Etsy stores.

Advance features of Prestashop Etsy Integration Module

Advanced feature 1: Prestashop Etsy Integration Module offers shipping template management

The admin can build shipping profiles, which can then be mapped to the various Profiles generated within the Profiles Management section.

Prestashop Etsy marketplace

Advanced feature 2: Synchronization

The Synchronization tab contains the CRON settings and used to automate all of the cron settings. Furthermore, store merchants can quickly sync product status, order status as well as language sync, and even order status updates, and more using the Synchronization tab.

Prestashop Etsy marketplace

Advanced feature 3: Sales Report

Prestashop Etsy marketplace offers sales report features. The Etsy PrestaShop integration plugin sales report tab allows sellers to see the order. Under this feature, sellers can even view revenue reports. It allows the administrator to view the Etsy shop orders sales report. As a result, the admin will be able to track sales reports using the PrestaShop Etsy Integration Extension.

Prestashop Etsy marketplace

What are our Final Thoughts on Prestashop Etsy Connector?

Etsy is an online marketplace that connects shoppers with artists, crafters of handcrafted goods, and vintage product collectors. Moreover, Etsy marketplace connector gives vendors a one-of-a-kind platform to promote their goods and services, allowing them to raise awareness about their goods and services. It is also critical for the marketplace to provide consumers with the best services possible.

Prestashop Etsy marketplace

Consumers prefer to have a variety of options and alternatives from which to choose. As a result, marketplaces compete to win sellers and provide excellent services to help them interact with their establishments. Etsy receives over 25 million monthly visitors, providing sellers with a fantastic chance.

Therefore, Knowband Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon is recommended as it makes the process of product listing easier for Prestashop merchants.


Knowband, famous for providing efficient plugins for platforms such as Prestashop, Opencart, and so on. Along with that, Knowband offers post-sales support to the customers. Therefore, you may drop a mail at

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