Learn amazing features of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder allows you to build up your mobile and tablet responsive native application within few clicks. Any store owner can use it as it requires zero coding information. The Android and iOS applications support a wide range of items, dialects, dispatching, and payment techniques. Deep linking takes the online clients directly to the relevant mobile application screen automatically.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app allows customization of Home Screen Layout and even permits store merchant and design application. The extension offers different login options such as Google, Facebook, OTP, Fingerprint making the sign-up/registration easy for the clients.

Major Features Of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

1.Improves Transformations and Income

On the off chance that we consider the large undertaking names in the eCommerce world, the possibility of the Progressive Web App would be a lot clear. Twitter, Walmart, Alibaba, and so on have effectively picked Progressive Web App to improve transformations and income. All overall little just as large PrestaShop eCommerce stores can pick PWA Mobile Apps and began developing the offers from mobile crowds within a second.

2.Prestashop Mobile App Maker Provide Push notifications

Push notifications keep your customer up-to-date with the latest offerings regardless of whether the mobile app opened or closed. Clients will get notification about upcoming sales and offer even though clients are not using the app. Most of the push notifications have derived great results because these notifications gain user’s attention.

3. Organized Navigation With Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension

Navigation without any complex methods is what is preferred by customers. The PrestaShop Mobile Application offers a similar experience due to which clients can find exactly what they are looking for. The extension provides filter options of the app to ensure clients find products that can meet their requirements.

4. Prestashop Mobile App Builder Provide Synchronization

Synchronization comes default in most eCommerce apps because it reflects changes that occurred in categories, client profiles, or catalogs. Synchronization feature assists to keep the mobile app and the website in sync. Regardless of whether you assemble the PrestaShop iPhone app or an android app, get the automatic synchronization.

This feature of the PrestaShop mobile app offers a better user experience.

5. Provide Secure Online Payment Methods

Not every client prefers paying from the same payment option hence Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension provides different payment options for hassle-free payment. This feature attracts different clients. Besides that, all the payment alternatives are secure and is the fundamental reason to use this extension.

6. Prestashop mobile app creator Load High-Quality Images Faster

Lastly yet the most important aspect of the extension is, it provides users clear product images within a second. Online shopping decisions are made by looking at the product image, therefore it’s important to put product images that can load in minimal loading time. Store owners who want to run a successful online business need to start using the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension.

Thinking about the mass appropriation of PWA, it’s an ideal opportunity to take your PrestaShop store into a portable application. Offer a stunning shopping experience with upgraded highlights like quick execution, offline working, push notifications, SEO, and substantially more.

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