How to customize home screen layout with Prestashop mobile app maker?

Want to develop your native mobile app and tablet responsively? Prestashop mobile app maker is the right add-on for you. The biggest advantage of this plugin is, one can easily build his or her native app with the help of a few clicks and without any hassle or coding knowledge. Furthermore, all sorts of products, languages, shipping as well as payment methods are supported by Android and iOS apps. 

Prestashop mobile app maker

Deep linking automatically redirects internet customers to the appropriate mobile app panel. This plugin even offers the feature of customizing home screen layout in PrestaShop Mobile Apps. This way merchants can optimize & design apps. Furthermore, the Prestashop mobile app maker allows the seamless process of sign-up and registration to the users due to login options such as Google, Facebook, OTP, and Fingerprint offered by the module. 

Prestashop mobile app maker

Now, the question arises,

How does Prestashop Android app builder customize your home screen layout?

Prestashop Android App Builder offers various options that help in customizing your home screen layout. 

Prestashop mobile app maker

1. Prestashop Android App Builder offers custom color and font change

The custom color and font change feature of the Prestashop mobile app maker permits you to change the color as well as the fronts from the module backend. Furthermore, you can choose desired theme color, background color as well as button color of your Prestashop Mobile App. With the assistance of the module, you can change the font of your module and embrace the look as well as the feel in run time. Moreover, the color contrast has its value during the designing of an eCommerce Mobile Application. 

2. Prestashop mobile app maker offers flexible Home Screen

Another great feature of the Prestashop Mobile App is the flexible Home Screen. Furthermore, it offers a complete customizable home screen in various mobile applications using multiple attributes. Prestashop Android app builder also helps owners to highlight their store items on the home screen. This way they can grab the attention with various theme-based layouts. 

Prestashop mobile app maker offers layout based on various occasions and events such as Christmas, Easter, etc. These can be saved in the backend as well as can be used whenever required. 

With the help of the module, all the positioning of attributes can be changed just with drag and drop functionality. 

Prestashop mobile app maker

3. Promote your Brand

Allow your app to promote your company as well. KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder puts you one step ahead of the competition when it comes to mobile app branding. The mobile apps generated with this PrestaShop Mobile App Maker allow you to display your store’s logo in the app’s header. It will increase brand loyalty among mobile shoppers all across the world.

4. Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension offers customizable Tab Bar

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension allows the feature of a customizable tab bar that helps in customizing as well as showcasing the tab bar on the app. Furthermore, this module allows users to switch screens easily. Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension even permits to set icons as well as the landing page of tab bar products from the module backend. 

Hence, insert a tab bar in your application and create product browsing more seamless. 

5. Countdown Sale Timer

Would you like to provide a flash sale to your app’s users? The PrestaShop Mobile App includes a time-based banner (Countdown timer banner) that allows you to run a flash sale using your app. The timing and color options, as well as the banner picture, are all set in the module backend. The banner will only be visible for the amount of time specified. As a result, providing a real-time banner could boost your store’s urgency and sales.


Knowband Prestashop eCommerce mobile app is a plugin with incredible benefits. Knowband offers plugins for various platforms, Prestashop being one of them. Along with that, Knowband offers post-sales support to clients.

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