Ready-To-Launch Shopping Apps For PrestaShop eCommerce Store

Ecommerce shopping apps are now the heart& soul of eCommerce businesses. As mobile devices like smartphones & tablets have become a staple part of our daily lives, mobile devices are the best platform for online businesses to sell products.

To improve the shopping experience and increasing sales, Native Mobile Apps & Progressive Web Apps are the best solution. Both kinds of apps offer a much better shopping experience when compared to desktop websites & mobile websites.

In this write-up, we will elaborate on how PrestaShop eCommerce stores can instantly have their app out in the market using ‘Ready-To-Launch’ Mobile Apps. All this is possible because of the PrestaShop Modules. PrestaShop store owners can build Native Mobile Apps (Android, iOS) or PWA Mobile Apps or both using the following two extensions by KnowBand Plugins.

PrestaShop Mobile App Creator

PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Creator

Both these extensions are no-code, white label solutions that automatically build a PrestaShop Mobile App for your own store. The store admin getscomplete control over their Mobile App via its admin-friendly backend dashboard.

Admin can easily customize their PrestaShop App, add their own app icon, splash screen, app name, theme, background color, font & a lot more. They can manage & send push notifications from the dashboard as well. Also, the homepage of the PrestaShop eCommerce mobile app anytime even after they are live

Steps To Launch PrestaShop Mobile Apps:

Step 1: Purchase the app builder extension & install on store.

Step 2: Fill the app pre-requisite form.

Step 3: Review the final app and confirm to publish.

Major Features Of The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder Modules:

#1. White-Label Solution:

Because the app maker modules are a white-label solution, the PrestaShop Apps built using these can be modified by the store owners to fit their business needs. The store admin can add their own app icon, splash screen, app name, brand logo on the navigation bar& a lot more.

#2. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support:

On The PrestaShop PWA & the PrestaShop Native Mobile Apps, store owners can offer all worldwide languages including RTL scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian etc. All website currencies will be there on the apps.

#3. Compatibility With Marketplace Extension:

For PrestaShop store owners who are willing to-

  • Turn their single vendor store into a multi-vendor marketplace
  • Build a marketplace Mobile app

The good news is that the PrestaShop Mobile App Builders are compatible with the Marketplace module, given that both these are by KnowBand.

Check out the modules:

#4. Flexible Home Screen (DIY Home-Page Editor):

From the admin panel of extension, design the home-page layout of their PrestaShop Mobile App. The store owner get to add banners, sliders, grids, redirect links & even countdown timer banners on the home-page of the app.

#5. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The store owners are able to send an unlimited number of push notifications to their native / PWA app users. Some eCommerce push notifications, that are frequently used, can even be automated & scheduled from the admin panel of the PrestaShop App Builder modules.

#6. Offline Mode Browsing:

App users get to use their PrestaShop PWA & Native Apps (built using KnowBand’s extension) when they are not connected to the internet. Offline browsing makes the online shopping much seamless for users, specifically browsing. 

#7. WhatsApp & Zendesk Chat Support:

App users can easily connect with the store admin of the store through WhatsApp &Zopim chat support provided on the PrestaShop mobile app.

#8. Quick Login Options:

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker comes up with inbuilt login options with Google, Facebook, Phone Number (OTP) and Fingerprint.

#9. Related Products & Reviews

The reviews of the products (displayed on the website) will be displayed on the app as well. Also, the store admin can showcase related products for a specific product and improve cross selling and up selling on the PrestaShop Mobile App.

#10. All Payment Support

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator supports all sorts of website payment & shipping on the app. The desired payment options will be there on the app without any manual efforts.

Ending Comments

All the above-mentioned features & even more are available on the PrestaShop PWA Builder & PrestaShop Mobile App Builder modules. Many more useful & interesting features like live synchronization, Automatic Inventory Management, CMS Page Management, etc. are available in these extensions. Use any or both extensions for building the eCommerce apps as per your needs.

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