7 Checkout Strategies to Improve Conversion Rate

Every eCommerce store owner wants to get more and more successful orders on his online store but no one thinks of optimizing the store’s checkout process. According to several studies, it was found that rigid and time-consuming multi-page checkouts are the reason 52% of customers leave their order in-between the checkout process.

If the pages are taking too much time to load, the users decide not to complete their orders and leave the website. This is called Cart Abandonment.It not only costs you your sales but also you lose your potential customers. So, how can you minimize it?

Simplifying the checkout process is the best way to get more successful online orders rather than getting abandoned carts on your eCommerce store. In this article, we will be sharing the top 7 checkout strategy with which you can optimize your store’s checkout process and can easily increase the conversion rate of your business.

1. Switch to One Page Checkout:

If you want to increase your conversion rate then firstly, you need to reduce the efforts of the customers on searching products on your website and on placing an order on your website.

Adding One Page Checkout on your website lets the customers place their order conveniently without moving to multiple checkout pages. They can simply do everything from login to confirm orders from a single page. Moreover, they can also review the fields to avoid any mistakes.

You can try Knowband’s One Page Checkout module which will simplify your checkout process and help you increase your conversion rate. The addon is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento platforms.

2. Offer Social Login:

Letting customers log in through social accounts is one of the most popular and most convenient login options. Allow them to log in through popular social media accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. This will not make the login process easier for them but also will enhance their shopping experience on your online store.

3. Display “Products Bought Together”:

Cross-selling is one of the most powerful marketing strategies which you must use on your online store. You can display some more products highlighting ‘Products Bought Together’ or ‘Best-selling Products’ on the product pages or cart page of your website to increase the average order value on your online store.

4. Avoid Hidden Charges:

If you don’t want to lose your customers then avoid charging additional charges which more likely results in losing the customer forever. It will not only ruin his shopping experience with you but also he will never come back to your store.

Show full transparency and display the complete price of the product at the product page itself so that customer decides on the product page only. 

5. Display a Product Video:

As the customers can’t check the product physically while purchasing it from your website, displaying a product video highlighting all the major things about it can really help the buyers understand the product in a better way. They can easily decide to buy the product after watching its video.

You can try Knowband’s Product video module which allows you to add a video to your product page without any hassle. The module is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento platforms.

6. Offer Free Shipping:

In order to convince the customer to place his order, offering free shipping plays a great role in making his decision. Most of the eCommerce giants are offering free shipping and it really works to convince the buyers to place their orders.

7. Add Auto-Address Fill:

Offering auto-address fill or displaying address suggestions as soon as the customer starts typing his address really helps to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. He can easily select his whole address from the given suggestion and he doesn’t have to fill it manually.

With these tips, you can offer an amazing checkout experience to your customers which will help you retain your customers for a longer period and will definitely improve your store’s conversion rate.

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