Accelerate the checkout process with One Page Checkout on Your PrestaShop store

It’s high time to get rid of your old multiple step checkout as it braces your buyers to abandon the cart. Most of the users leave your eCommerce store without purchasing. This happens because of time taking checkout process. You can accelerate PrestaShop checkout process by adding an ingenious One Page Checkout module.

How One Page Checkout is better than multiple step checkout?

No customer wants to spend extra time on checkout. They want a legible, simple, and secure checkout process. An eCommerce store owner can provide a simple single page checkout to their customers by removing lengthy multi-step checkout.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module by Knowband offers a social login option which boosts the conversions. It hardly takes a few seconds to make the registration through social login.

1. Optimize Checkout Page Layout:

PrestaShop Single Page checkout displays all the elements like registration, sign in, payment methods, shipping methods, cart details, etc. on a single page. A useful UI motivates customers to complete the purchase contradict to a multi-step checkout module. Multiple-step checkout does have the same elements, but it looks tiring and lengthy.

One Page Checkout plugin

PrestaShop One Step Checkout module comes with different layout options like single column, double column, and three columns. You can put all the necessary elements on a single page.

2. Guest Checkout:

PrestaShop Single page checkout module by Knowband gives an option of Guest checkout. This is an attractive feature that can save customers from a long registration form filling process. If a customer does not want to go through a sign-in process, he/she can make guest checkout instead of abandoning the cart.

One Page Checkout module

3. Reduced entries:

The Quick Single Page Checkout is the one which is a compacted version of multi-step checkout with a reduced number of entries. The PrestaShop One Page Checkout module offers less number of fields and no extra data input options. Some of the areas can be kept optional to reduce customer’s time.

4. Social Login:

One Page Checkout addon

Social login is the new trend for login and this increases the number of registrations on your eCommerce store. The PrestaShop One Page Checkout plugin is integrated with a social login option like Facebook, Google+, and PayPal that makes the easy login process easier for the customers. PayPal is one of the most demanded login choices for an eCommerce store. Social Login saves time, and the store owner gets more specified information. The social login option also helps in improving the customer conversion rate on your eCommerce store.

5. Fewer steps to fill:

The first glance at One Step Checkout attracts customers visually as they get to know what exactly they are going to need for the checkout process. It automatically triggers them to do the process quickly. The eCommerce checkout process speed can be improved by removing unwanted fields, repeated entries, by making some of the fields optional; by extracting the details using Google Autofill address option and optimizing the page by reducing the use of graphic intensive objects.

6. Auto-fill address and Auto-detect country:

One Page Checkout addon

This alluring feature of the PrestaShop Quick checkout addon makes it a good option as it extracts the address from existing data in your Google browser and auto-detects the country of the customer by Geolocation integration tool. It reduces the address filling time.

What we offer: Knowband is providing the best One Page Checkout plugin for platforms like – Magento, Prestashop, and OpenCart.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module

OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension

Final Word: The One Page Checkout module delivers exceptional customer experience. A satisfied customer results in an increased retention rate on your online store. The Single Page Checkout addon is a resourceful tool that can reduce an abundant cart by increasing customer conversion.

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