Key features of the Prestashop One Page Checkout that are Underrated

The significance of one page checkout is certifiably not a mystery for eCommerce store owners. In addition, even to those who have been in business for some time. The business individuals who are attempting to become wildly successful in the expanse of eCommerce. Likewise, they are very mindful of the detriments of not having a smooth and single page checkout. Luckily, we have the Prestashop One Page Checkout.

This blog talks about the key features of the Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension that are underrated.

Key Features of the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout

Show/Hide any Fields

The Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension offers to pick which fields you need to display on the checkout page. The store admin can undoubtedly display the fields that he/she believe are useful. In addition, the ones that ought to be there on the checkout page. For instance, Company, Phone number, Fax, and so on. The Prestashop One Page Supercheckout additionally permits the admin to re-adjust the fields relying upon the significance.

Mailchimp Integrator

There’s an inbuilt MailChimp integrator in this Responsive one page checkout Prestashop. It sends customer’s email ids straightforwardly to your Mailchimp account. Furthermore, the customer signs in from a social media account like Facebook or Google. The equivalent would likewise go directly to your MailChimp account.

Customize buttons

The Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon permits the store admin to change the shade of the catches with the assistance of the shading picking tool. The store admin needs no specialized information for the equivalent because it should handily be possible from the back-finish of the One Step Checkout Prestashop Extension.

Change Shipping/Payment method name or picture

The Prestashop responsive one stage checkout addon permits the store admin to change shipping/payment strategies, the name, or the thumbnail picture adequately with no adjustment in the code.

Intuitive element

With the assistance of the intuitive element of the One Page Checkout Prestashop, the admin can without much of a stretch change the situation of the multitude of blocks using improved features. Intuitive a block to show it on your optimal circumstance on the checkout page is the thing that this addon helps the admin to do.

Custom CSS and JS

There is an alternative in the back-end where the custom CSS and JavaScript are added to the checkout page. The store admin can use this component of the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout module to carry out must-have enhancements without modifying the Prestashop one page checkout module’s code.

Make any field optional

There is a decision in Prestashop One Page Checkout addon using which store admin can make any field optional or mandatory. For example, you can make the Phone Number field either optional or mandatory for filling.

Sort address fields

With the assistance of the Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension, the store admin can similarly sort out some way to sort all area fields using the improved component offered in this Prestashop module.

Address Fields Layout Changes

This part allows the store admin to change the area fields format from 1-segment to 2-segment. For example, fields like First name and last name can appear in a single section, Country and state in a single line, and so forth.


With this element of the Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon, the store admin can set the payment strategies relying upon the shipping strategy determination. That is, the admin can design some specific payment alternatives with some specific Shipping decisions on the store.

Set Condition for Free Shipping

The One Step Checkout Prestashop Extension gives a decision to the admin that he can set a base sum after which the free shipping pennant displays on the checkout page. This happens with the goal that the customers increase the cart value and add more products to clear their order with the expectation of complimentary shipping.

Custom HTML

With the assistance of the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout extension, the store admin can add a custom HTML block on the checkout page for product advancements, or in any event, sending a custom message to the customer in total agreement.

Abandoned Checkout Statistics

The Prestashop responsive one stage checkout addon offers an information-rich graphical form of reports that permits the store admin to think about the abandoned cart and order rates.

Checkout Behavior Report

This element of the Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension permits the store admin to understand the behavior of the customers while being on the checkout page – the ones who abandon the cart. The module shows a percentage value of given information by the online users who left their cart abandoned. This guarantees that the admin can eliminate the inconsequential parts of the checkout form and diminish cart abandonment.

Login with Paypal

You must have heard that the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout module permits social login with Facebook and Google. Presently, the Prestashop addon likewise permits the customers to log in from their PayPal account.

In the End

The Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon is a functional addon that is feature-loaded and absolutely beneficial. The features mentioned above are just the additional ones. Numerous others define the functionality of the module. It gives the store admin the control to design their checkout page they want to. In addition, it is necessary by the eCommerce store.

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