Top Compelling reasons why PrestaShop One Page Checkout is a must-have addon

It is essential to have a curated Checkout Page for end users. PrestaShop One Page Checkout is designed for the customers who want a quick checkout facility. The PrestaShop One Page Checkout module replaces the conventional multi-step checkout with fast and responsive One Page Checkout on your eCommerce store.

The quick checkout extension for PrestaShop is incorporated with some striking features which makes it a must-have checkout module for your online store. 

PrestaShop One Page Checkout

The PrestaShop fast checkout addon is mobile responsive and GDPR compliant. The PrestaShop One Page Checkout module benefits your eCommerce store in various ways.

It helps in improving the conversion rate by optimizing the checkout page and making the checkout process easier and quicker for the customers. PrestaShop One Page Checkout module offers features like Social login with Facebook, Google+ and PayPal, Guest checkout, abandoned checkout statistics, and many more.

Allows Guest Checkout

PrestaShop fast checkout addon allows guest checkout. Many users do not like to share all their information to avoid data breaching. Hence, a guest checkout lets them make the checkout in fewer clicks. The Single Page Checkout by PrestaShop provides the guest checkout feature for those who hesitate to create an account.

Offer Social Login:

PrestaShop Single Page Checkout

Social login is a feature that provides users to register without filling a lengthy form. PrestaShop One Page Checkout module comes with Social login.

Quick checkout extension PrestaShop allows customers to create an account or sign in by their pre-existing social accounts like Facebook, Google+, or PayPal on your eCommerce store. Social login makes them feel comfortable while registering for a new website.

Address auto-fill and auto-detect country:

Google Auto-Address fill feature on your checkout page shows the address suggestions as soon as the customer starts to fill in the address information. It captures the typed characters and displays the related results. The Zip Code and the City Column will be retrieved automatically when you select the proposed code.

PrestaShop Fast Checkout provides an “Auto-Detect Country” feature that automatically detects a customers’ country based on their IP address. As soon as the user reaches the One Page Checkout page, the “Country” field of the registration form is already filled.

Display Checkout Progress and Freeshipping bar:

PrestaShop Single Page Checkout

It is good to tell users about the stages of progress during the registration form filling process. PrestaShop fast checkout addon shows a checkout progress meter on the top of the checkout page. The progress bar fills up according to the percentage of progress made in accomplishing a task.

The PrestaShop responsive one step checkout addon allows the store admin to put a free shipping banner at the top of the checkout page, just above the progress meter bar.

The PrestaShop simplified checkout addon motivates customers for doing extra shopping for meeting the requirements. The PrestaShop store admin can set an eligibility amount for the users. This feature encourages more purchases on your eCommerce store.

Multiple Shipping Options & Several Payment modes:

PrestaShop One Page Checkout

The PrestaShop Simplified Checkout module is compatible with nearly all the shipping services. It provides users to select any of the delivery options which is the best fit for them.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout covers almost all payment methods to give consumers a variety of choices to choose from when paying. The One Page Checkout by PrestaShop allows users to choose the convenient payment mode.

Abandoned Checkout Statistics

The Prestashop One Page Checkout provides statistical reports for the analysis of order and abandoned carts rate. The Prestashop Single Page Checkout helps admin to compare abandoned cart rates and order rates. Thus, they will predict whether their online company is making profits or not.

Checkout Behavior Report:

This function of the PrestaShop One Page Checkout module helps to monitor the actions of customers who have abandoned their cart. The PrestaShop Quick checkout addon displays the percentage of information received by online users who have abandoned their cart. Admin of PrestaShop responsive one step checkout addon can discard the unnecessary carts and the ones which are not filled by the customers.

Other reasons for having PrestaShop simplified checkout addon are email integration by MailChimp, SandinBlue, and Klaviyo.

With One Page Checkout by PrestaShop, the store owner can add custom fields to the checkout page. PrestaShop quick checkout extension also allows admin to make some field optional to remove the extra clicks and let provides the user with a fast checkout experience.

There are more exciting features on PrestaShop One Page Checkout developed especially for the eCommerce store which boosts sales and improves conversions. Click here to read more about PrestaShop One Page Checkout.

Final Words:

The PrestaShop quick checkout extension has an appealing UI, simple, and quick registration process. It even allows guest checkout for those who don’t want to go through a long registration form. Prestashop One Page Checkout is a must-have module for your eCommerce store as it helps the admin track the abandoned cart and optimizes the store for more conversions.

The Prestashop One Page Checkout module is available on the Knowband store.

Click here to check the User Manual of the module.

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