What is Prestashop Block User Addon or User Agent Module?

Digital transformation has changed the entire world of the internet as well as eCommerce. Automated internet programs or bots are the biggest aspects of technological advancement. Whereas bots designed for both- good and evil purposes. These are capable of harming eCommerce websites. Since Prestashop doesn’t offer a default means to block the client/bot default, disposing of this unmistakable issue is a significant task for the online store owners. Hence, Prestashop Block User Addon or User Agent is recommended.

Prestashop Block User Addon or User Agent has now fused version 3 of Google ReCaptcha which offers access to the visitors dependent on their risk scores. It offers a combination of reCaptcha through site key and secret key. Prestashop Block Bot Addon allows admin to catch all the IP requests, means that they can track all the IPs hitting on their stores. Likewise, the admin would now be able to download a sample CSV file for adding IP locations and client agents in bulk. They can import the sample CSV file by clicking on the import CSV.

Features Of Prestashop Block User Addon:

  • The feature can be enabled and disabled at a single click of a button.   
  • Prestashop Block User Addon permits the admin to obstruct the client/bot of a particular IP address, country code just as a client agent.
  • The Prestashop store owner can impede the whole country or the entire range of IP addresses from the admin board.
  • The banishment effortlessly made and deleted accordingly.
  • The admin even displays the header as well as the footer to the blocked clients if he needs to.
  • The error message flashed on the white screen to the blocked clients can be altered accordingly.
  • The banned guests offered an alternative to send a request to unblock them. Moreover, store admin can view the request sent from the front-end of the website from the back-end.
  • The module is multi-store viable and works efficiently on the most latest version of Prestashop.

Merchant benefits:

  • Prestashop IP Spam Blocker Addon offers a simple method of protecting eCommerce websites from spammers and irrelevant clients.
  • By blocking spam guests, store owners can drive quality traffic to their eCommerce store.
  • Prestashop spam blocker addon provides a shield to their Prestashop store from harmful and malicious attacks by blocking suspicious activities.
  • Any client can request to give him access to the eCommerce website. Due to Prestashop Block User Addon, store admin can see requests and give them access as per needs.


Knowband offers a simple way to obstruct or ban access to your website for a particular user or bot. Moreover, the Prestashop Block Bot/User by IP, country, or User-Agent is an easy way to get the malicious bots far from your eCommerce website. This should be possible by banishing the IP address, country, or client agent from the online store. 

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