List of Compatible Modules with Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Addon

Knowband’s PrestaShop Multi Vendor Marketplace addon offers the online retailers to convert their online store into a fully efficient Marketplace in an easy way. You don’t need to possess advanced coding skills to achieve that, you can simply do it with the help of our module. The addon offers the marketplace owner an opportunity to reach thousands of new customers and offer a variety of products and items to the customers. It not only help you grow your business but also help you get more reach.

PrestaShop Multi Vendor Marketplace addon is one of the best-selling addons with 1000+ downloads on the Knowband store and 1500+ downloads on the official PrestaShop Addon store. In this article, we will discuss all the other modules which are compatible with this addon so that you can new features to your marketplace.

Compatible Addons with PrestaShop Multi Vendor Marketplace addon:

1. PrestaShop Review Reminder and Incentives:

Product Reviews play an essential role in encouraging the customers to make the purchase decision. With Knowband’s PrestaShop Review Reminder and Incentives addon, you can send a reminder to the customers and convince them to post reviews on your website in return for some incentives.

2. PrestaShop Return Manager:

Managing products is a very difficult task especially when you have a lot of return requests already pending. With Knowband’s PrestaShop Return Manager module, you can easily manage the return and refund requests from your online customers and provide them appropriate solutions against their complaints. The addon offers a user-friendly interface that helps the admin to easily handle the returns and saves a lot of time for the admin.

3. PrestaShop Product Availability Check by Zipcode:

Customers get frustrated many times when they like a product and then they find out on the checkout page that it is not available for delivery in their region. With Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Availability Check by Zipcode addon, you can add a ‘Check Product Availability’ search box on your product pages by which customers can check the availability of a certain product’s delivery in their locality before going to the checkout page.

4. Marketplace Deal Manager:

This addon from Knowband provides an option to the sellers to provide some offers and deals on their products on the Marketplace.

5. Marketplace CSV Import/Export addon:

With this addon, the marketplace admin can allow the sellers to list their products on the Marketplace using CSV. Sellers can also add various combinations for the products on the Marketplace through CSV.

6. Marketplace Seller Invoice:

With this addon, the sellers on your marketplace will be able to generate their invoices. They can also add their shop name and brand logo on the invoice from the back-end of the Marketplace Seller Invoice addon. The sellers can also add a prefix in the invoice number from the admin panel.

7. Marketplace Customer-Seller Ticket Addon:

With this addon, the sellers can enable customers to ask queries regarding the products through a ticket support panel. The customers can enquire about any product with the seller before buying it with the help of this addon.

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