Google Shopping Prestashop Integration- makes synchronization simple

An approach to upload the items of the Prestashop store on Google Shopping is Google Shopping Prestashop Integration. Further, showing the item ads on the search result is one of the approaches to get a large number of visitors to your site.

Synchronization is important as it improves the response time for data requests for two reasons. Retrieval rates are quicker on the grounds that requests are processed on a local server, without getting to a wider area network. Likewise, local processing offloads work from a central database server with the goal that competition for processor time is diminished.

 From the Prestashop store to the Google Merchant Center Account, the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration module automatically syncs feed. Likewise, the store administrator can sync the product status back to the store’s database by executing cron in the back-end of the plugin.

Steps to synchronize between Prestashop and Google Shopping

1.Prestashop Google Shopping Connector allows Synchronization

The admin needs to run the cron in order to automate the product listing, orders synchronization, product status update. Furthermore, The store merchant can set this CRON for the particular time frame and when the cron will run the automated process will synchronize the information between the PrestaShop and Google Shopping.

2.Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon offers local sync feature

Prestashop Google Shopping Connector offers a local sync feature. Furthermore, the local sync feature of this addon permit store merchants to an item from the PrestaShop store to the Google Shopping Integration module. Moreover, this tab is accessible under the synchronization tab of the PrestaShop Google Shopping Integration module.

3.Sync Feeds feature offered by Google Shopping Prestashop Integration

This feature offered by the module allows store merchants to sync the feeds from the PrestaShop Store to Google Shopping.

4.Google Shopping Prestashop Integration offers Sync Product Status

 The Prestashop admin can update the Google Shopping listing status of the products just by clicking the “Sync Product Status”. Moreover, using this addon status of the product can be tracked on the product listing page of the Google Shopping PrestaShop connector plug-in.

How does Prestashop Google Shopping Connector work?

The administrator needs to install the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module and configure it. Furthermore, you will likewise discover the client manual with the step-by-step details to install the module. Knowband offers free configuration and module services, assuming you need any assistance for the module establishment, you may contact their team. Once the design is finished the administrator will actually want to utilize the reconciliation to automate the posting cycle. 

PrestaShop store administrator needs to generate the API keys. Steps to create the API key mentioned in the client manual. To set up the Google Shopping Integration Module. When the installation has been finished it is not difficult to deal with the Google Shopping store listing.


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