Benefits Of Prestashop auto switch language and currency

Knowband offers Auto Switch Language and Currency module that automatically converts the Language and Currency. Further, when a customer logins from a specific place with a different language and currency, it changes. This Auto change currency module utilizes the IP address of the client to identify the country or region. In addition, based on that it adjusts or sets the language and currency. This Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency module are important because it helps you expand your business. In addition, leading to a better shopping experience.

Installing the Auto Switch Language and Currency module on the store proves beneficial for store owners. Likewise, it has its own perks for the customers. With the help of this extension, store admin can select the Language and currency from available options.

Features Of PrestaShop Auto Switch Language and Currency Module

  • The admin can automatically change the default Language and Currency of your eCommerce platform without any manual efforts.
  • Track Country or Region of the user using the IP address of the user
  • With the help of the extension, PrestaShop admin can configure Languages and Currencies for different countries.
  • Compatible with SSL and PrestaShop themes.
  • Compatible with different languages.
  • Multi-store compatible.
  • The module offers different benefits to merchants and users.

Perks to the Merchants Offered By PrestaShop Auto Switch Language and Currency extension

  1. The module help in configuring one common language for all countries.
  2. Prestashop store admin can configure one common currency for all countries.
  3. Offers better user experience to the customers due to familiar currency and language features.
  4. Chances of higher conversion increase with the module.

Advantages to the Users Offered By Auto Switch Language and Currency module

  1. The module automatically converts the default language of the store to the user’s country language. The extension helps in converting the default currency of the store to users’ country currency.
  2. The Prestashop addon can set the language to default or any other language.
  3. A better Interface is provided to customers by auto change currency addon.

Auto Switch Language and Currency module by Knowband is the right extension for eCommerce store owners. Knowband is known for creating plugin development services and these plugins enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores.

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