Expand business globally with Prestashop auto switch language

Each eCommerce storekeeper endeavors to serve a worldwide audience but catering worldwide audience is not easy as language becomes one of the biggest barriers. It becomes hard for the non-English speakers to trust an unfamiliar site and thus they reconsider before purchasing any product. Henceforth, it’s important to make your eCommerce website a multi-lingual store. To overcome the issue, Knowband has brought Prestashop auto switch language

Prestashop auto switch language and currency module

What is Prestashop auto switch language?

Prestashop auto switch language automatically changes the language as well as the currency of the store dependent on the guest’s IP Address. Furthermore, this Auto change language addon is not difficult to execute on the store. The storekeepers simply need to transfer a geo-location comprising of the nation, its currency, as well as its language. The biggest advantage of the module is it requires zero coding details for execution. 

Prestashop auto switch language add-on permits the storekeepers to consequently change the language and money of the store by identifying the visitor’s local country. Moreover, the module does as such by following the IP Address of the client. Changing the language and currency contingent upon the client’s nation can further develop their shopping experience also. Furthermore, it helps in creating trust and also visitors don’t need to make currency changes before making a purchase. 

Are you aware of these features of the Auto change language addon?

1. Prestashop auto switch language module easy to install and configure:

Prestashop auto switch language is not difficult to install and configure in the store. Furthermore, store merchants don’t need to use coding information to execute the module on eCommerce stores. 

Prestashop auto switch language and currency module

2. Multi-lingual compatible: 

The Auto change language addon is viable with various dialects.

3. Helps to interact with worldwide audience:

Storekeepers can even connect with a worldwide audience with the assistance of Prestashop auto switch language.

4. Auto change language and currency addon increase conversion rate:

Prestashop auto switch language and currency module

The storekeepers can in this manner contact more and more audiences coming into the site will prompt expanded sales or conversion.

5. Enhances user experience of the store:

In this manner, Prestashop merchants can offer a better user experience of the store to the visitors visiting a website using the Auto change language and currency addon.

6. Multi-store compatible: 

The Prestashop auto switch money module is multi-store viable and it functions admirably with all PrestaShop themes.

Prestashop auto switch language and currency module

7. Activate with just a click: 

The storekeepers can activate as well as deactivate the module with simply a click.

8. Auto change language addon offers user-friendly Interface

Prestashop auto switch currency module offers an easy-to-understand interface to the PrestaShop storekeepers.

Prestashop auto switch language and currency module

Final thoughts on Prestashop auto switch language and currency module

Knowband offers Auto change language addon that changes the language, as well as currency consequently as indicated by the client’s nation at whatever point client, will visit the site. Furthermore, this addon executes functionality through which the Prestashop site will automatically change the language as per the client’s location.

The Auto change language and money addon bring the clients original area and nation details utilizing their systems IP address. After having the area data, the Auto change language addon switches the language and currency of the site effectively inside a second.

Why Knowband?

Knowband brags of the best in the business modules for eCommerce platforms are being offered by Knowband. Furthermore, Knowband even provides the best as well as productive post-sales support to our clients by dedicating a team. This team helps clients whenever they need any help. For any query, you may write the Knowband team at support@knowband.com.

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