Losing sales and clients? Prestashop back in stock is what needed

From saving the sale to providing the perfect opportunity to engage with clients, Prestashop back in stock is the solution. This even generates additional revenue. Furthermore, when a potential client attempts to put an out-of-stock product in her cart, a popup tells her that it’s unavailable and offers her the choice to give an email address to be consequently alarmed when it returns to stock. Now, you’re not just transformed a potential negative encounter into a positive one, yet you have a way to keep on contacting her through your other email marketing campaigns. Including welcome series, daily or weekly email blasts, and shopping cart recovery.

Prestashop back in stock notification

Prestashop back in stock

To subscribe for out-of-stock items from their respective product page, Knowband offers Prestashop back in stock notification Addon. Furthermore, the module allows sending an email notification to the subscribed customer after the product is back in stock. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this module is GDPR compliance.

Prestashop back in stock notification features

  • This module sends an email warning of the item back in stock to the bought-in clients.
  • The administrator also have the choice to erase client information on the GDPR module erase demand.
  • The administrator can set his decision of privacy policy text that would be displayed at the front end.
  • Store merchants can even set the desired URL to the privacy policy text.
  • The online vendor can permit the clients to see the bought in the items list. Furthermore, the administrator can likewise permit the clients to eliminate any item from this list.
Prestashop back in stock
  • The low stock ready notification shipped off the bought-in clients by choosing the amount for something very similar. 
  • The administrator can set the look and feel of the warning box. Administrators can likewise enter the custom CSS and JS code. 
  • The online shopper can send low stock alarm email notifications by setting the email headline as well as format content in various dialects. 
  • The add-on permits the store administrator to incorporate Mailchimp, Klaviyo, SendInBlue email integrator for email advertising exercises. 
  • The online store trader can view sought-after list.
  • In the supporter list, the online shopper can see the list of the multitude of endorsers, and the administrator can likewise eliminate any endorser if he wishes to do as such. 
  • The module permits the store trader to download the supporter list in CSV document design. 
  • The separate Prestashop module is versatile responsive, topic viable, and SSL viable. 
  • The Prestashop item stock notice add-on offers multi-store and multi-lingual help.

Benefits for Customers offered by Prestashop back in stock addon:

Prestashop back in stock
  • The Prestashop back in stock notice offers a mobile responsive as well as engaging interface to the clients. 
  • The Prestashop back in the stock module by Knowband is viable with all browsers. Therefore, the client will not confront any issue from any program.
  • The clients can buy Out of Stock items and get the back-in-stock warning. 
  • The online clients can see the rundown of bought-in items from the “Out of stock subscription” tab.
  • Online clients can likewise get the notice for low stock caution of bought-in items.

 Prestashop product stock notification addon offers Merchant Benefits:

  • The Prestashop back in stock module permits the administrator to modify the square as indicated by the subject. 
  • The administrator can even alter the email format comparing to the language using the Prestashop stock ready module by Knowband.
  • The Prestashop item stock notice addon permits the administrator to see the information of the clients alongside the bought-in items. 
  • The online trader can likewise send email notices of a low load of the bought-in items. 
  • The online shopper can permit the clients to see the rundown of bought-in items from the front-end interface.


In the updated version of Prestashop back in the stock module, the online trader there is some greater usefulness for better execution. Further, the store trader would now be able to permit the clients to check every one of them bought in items for which they need a warning. Clients can likewise eliminate any bought-in item from the rundown. Moreover, the administrator can set the amount after which the alarm email will be shipped off to the bought-in clients.

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