Why having the PrestaShop Gift Card Addon is Your Best Bet For Your Online Store?

In the hour of eCommerce, Digital Gift Cards are essential if wanting for an effective online business. Gift cards are the most ideal approach to draw in customers to your websites in this manner it’s imperative to incorporate them. 

Gift cards are the perfect marketing tool that helps you in the following things:

1. They are perfect in assisting the admin in generating sales and revenues

2. Prestashop Gift Card is advantageous to admin

3. Prestashop Gift Card addon lead to all the more likely Brand Awareness

4. PrestaShop Gift Card Addon prompts better sales and revenue

5. Brings in new customers

6. A tool to acquire email addresses

Other than Addon, Prestashop does accompany Prestashop Gift Card Module which lets store proprietors install the gift card functionality in their store. These Gift cards can be overseen by the administrator from the back-end of the Prestashop module. 

Advantages of Utilizing PrestaShop Gift Card on your store: 

1. They are perfect in assisting the admin in generating sales and revenues

The Prestashop Gift card Manager helps in generating sales and revenues. Talking about the store proprietors, they find the opportunity to support the sales, and that too before the real purchase is made. If you look at the simplified version, you’ll know that once a user buys the gift card from your store (the first sale) and then when the beneficiary comes in to use that gift card will be the second purchase with the same tool.

At whatever point the user buys a gift card online for their friends and family, the site gets paid ahead of time for any products or service. Also, whoever is the proprietor, keeps the money until the card is recovered. Presently, that is the thing that you call a good thought.

2. Prestashop Gift Card Addon is advantageous to admin

Store admin is the one who is profoundly profited by the PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon. Gift cards permit store administrators to plan and personalize the cards and that too with personalized images and text. When the admin can fully customize the module as per the requirement of the customers and demand, it is fully advantageous for him/her. 

3. Prestashop Gift Card addon lead to all the more likely Brand Awareness

With the help of a functional gift card that the user can buy for a beneficiary, the user is practically promoting your brand on a personal level to the beneficiary. These gift card vouchers are the best wellspring of advertising and marketing as individuals incline toward buying or gifting them to their companions, relatives. The first user is also advertising your brand to the beneficiary and pushing him/her forward to make convert at your store. 

4. The Addon prompts better sales and revenue

We concur with this point. A gift card is the most ideal approach to expand the deals and transformation of the website. PrestaShop Gift Voucher module helps in pulling in new customers which prompts acquiring a faithful client for the website. 

5. Brings in new customers

The PrestaShop Gift Card addon brings in new and potential customers to your store. The new customers are those who simply enter the code on the gift card received and buy something for themselves. In addition, they might find your store interesting and would visit it again for more purchases.

6. A tool to acquire email addresses

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager addon is a perfect model to obtain the email locations of the user who purchased the advanced gift card just as the recipient who will get the gift card. The last will get the gift card code by means of email.

So what are your musings on this? Don’t you believe you should give it a chance? If you have a Prestashop store and you’re looking forward to taking your business to new heights, this is one thing that you should be looking at. The PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon is a fully functional, fully customizable, and beneficial module that will bring in sales and conversions for your eCommerce store.

You can check the Admin Demo, Front Demo, and the User Manual of the Addon to understand its functionality better.

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