Is PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon mobile friendly?

Due to the availability of various e-commerce websites, store owners are getting various options. But the question is how do merchants choose the best store among all? Well, the answer is the User Interface and besides that, UX because the appearance of your store matters the most. If it doesn’t look satisfying, you won’t be able to hold customers. A decent UI is trailed by good user experience. On the off chance that your UI is noteworthy however you are not able to provide a comfortable browsing experience to your customers, you are likely not going to see them back in your store.

So, to provide users with a smooth and wonderful experience, upgrading the UI with a smooth and pleasant experience, enhancing the user interface as well as the user experience is a must. Overcoming any issues between the client experience and UI is exceptionally significant for the achievement of an eCommerce store. E-commerce merchants use various tools and features to make it more interactive as well as engaging and PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Extension is one such feature.

Infinite Scrolling is a great feature and is mobile friendly due to various reasons:

Feature 1

Smartphones are used by every other user in the present time therefore store owners are coming up with PrestaShop quick scroll extension. This feature is considered to be the ideal way and is mostly preferred by e-commerce merchants over pagination.

PrestaShop Infinite Scrolling is so simple that all you need to do is, use a thumb to navigate various pages. The most common examples of this feature are Facebook and Instagram.

Feature 2

PrestaShop list product extension is mobile friendly as it makes the browsing interesting and time-saving. Being a merchant, your main goal should be to maintain the user flow when available in your store. Usually, a pagination process can upset the user flow and can create a feeling of frustration among users while going through several pages. With PrestaShop endless scroll extension, browsing becomes interesting and helps in saving a lot of time.

Feature 3

PrestaShop dropdown scrolling plugin makes browsing easier on your mobile, which is one of the biggest advantages of this feature. Users just need to scroll to find the desired product with the automatic loading of products. However, this continuous scrolling can make a user dig so deep that it will be hard to reach the top of the page again. Therefore, this module comes with an option called the “Go to top” button that helps the user navigate the top section of the page easily.

Feature 4

Sometimes users do get bored and tired after going through several pages due to which they don’t prefer browsing for more results. Therefore, they leave the store but when it comes to the PrestaShop quick scroll extension, things are quite different.

At the point when items are displayed continuously on a single page to the buyers, they peruse more items and invest more energy in your store. This results in expanding the normal time spent by a client on your site.

Hence, customers love the Infinite Scrolling feature, therefore, we recommend you to go for the PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon as it enhances the user experience and keeps them engaged in your store.

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