Make Product Browsing Interesting With PrestaShop Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll or endless scrolling or lazy loading is a web design technique where the page scrolls down without being clicked on the next page. In addition, this permits clients to enjoy and experience frictionless browsing. Continuous scrolling boosts your time on the website, increases page views, and enhances the user experience. This leads to a lower bounce rate.

Endless scrolling eliminates the need for pagination because of constantly loading new content features. Moreover, Infinite scrolling makes sites addictive leading to a better conversion rate. Therefore, we recommend PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Addon.

Prestashop Infinite Scroll addon helps content show on one page so when the user will scroll down the page, the entire content will start loading. Moreover, the module provides continuous and automatic scrolling leading to easy and intuitive browsing. Prestashop Infinite Scrolling Addon by Knowband offers various benefits.

Benefits Of PrestaShop Infinite Scroll

1. PrestaShop Infinite Scroll Is Great For Mobile Users

Mobile users prefer having a seamless infinite scroll experience during Facebook and Instagram usage. Using the PrestaShop Endless Scroll module, provide users similar kind of experience on your website. Thus PrestaShop Infinite Scroll makes scrolling fun.

2. Prestashop Quick Scroll Leads To Better User Engagement

For your product listing, PrestaShop Quick Scroll Addon makes an attractive layout that results in higher user engagement

3. Prestashop Infinite Scrolling Addon Increases Average Site Time

Prestashop Infinite Scrolling Addon raises the user engagement leading to an increase in average site time. This way clients will spend more time browsing through your website content.

4. Prestashop List View Scrolling Addon Decreases Bounce Rate

The extension decreases the bounce rate by a significant margin by making clients stay for a longer duration on your website. Hence, improves the site’s performance.

5. No Multiple Clicks

Clicking on the next page button, sometimes becomes daunting for the user for heading towards the next page. Using PrestaShop Infinite Scroll, the entire content starts loading in one place leading to a reduction in multiple times clicking. Infinite scrolling enhances the user experience.

Prestashop Quick Scroll provides advanced setting such as sandbox setting. This permits merchants to test the module before enabling it to live on their eCommerce store. Store merchants need to mention the IP address for which you need this module to work, explicitly. Knowband Prestashop Infinite Scrolling Addon is great for eCommerce platforms as it has been designed in a way that boosts the functionality of your online store.

Therefore, Knowband plugins are reliable, easy to install and configure. If store owners are facing any issue regarding Prestashop Quick Scroll Plugin or any other plugin, can write them at

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