Top PrestaShop Modules to Reduce Cart Abandonment on Your eCommerce Store

A shopping cart is called abandoned when a website visitor initiates the purchase by adding products into the shopping cart but leaves the website before completing his order. Shopping Cart Abandonment has become a crucial problem for online retailers because of which they lose nearly 70% of their sales and their potential customers.

So, how can you combat Cart Abandonment? In this write-up, we will be sharing the top 5 PrestaShop modules that will help you optimize your online shopping process and will minimize the shopping cart abandonment rate on your eCommerce store.

There can be various reasons for cart abandonment like high shipping costs, hidden additional product charges, not enough payment options on the checkout page, slow-loading web pages, complicated and lengthy checkouts, etc.

With the following PrestaShop module, the online retailers can remove all these hurdles and make the shopping process easier and faster for the users that will ultimately reduce the chances of lost carts.

1. PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon:

Checkout step/page plays an important role in increasing or decreasing the conversion rate of your online store. If your checkout process is slow, lengthy, and time-consuming then there are chances that the customers will leave the purchase in-between without completing it.

With Knowband’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout module, you can optimize your checkout process and provide your customers an amazing checkout experience on your online store. The addon makes the checkout process easier and faster for the online customers by displaying the whole process on a single page.

One Page Checkout module is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento platforms.

2. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart:

With Knowband’s PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module, you can reach out to all those customers who left their orders incomplete on your online store. With this addon, the store owner can send regular automatic follow-up emails to the customers to convince them to come back to the online store and buy the left products.

In the follow-up emails, the store admin can highlight the products at a discounted price to attract customers.

3. PrestaShop Exit Popup:

In order to re-engage the customers and stop them from leaving your website, displaying Exit Popups can be a good idea. Knowband offers PrestaShop Exit popup by which you can show Exit popup to your customers at the moment they want to leave the website.

In the popup, you can display attractive discounts and coupon codes to encourage them not to leave your website and complete their purchase.

4. PrestaShop Social Loginizer:

The lengthy and time-consuming login process is also a reason customers leave the website from the checkout page without completing their orders. With PrestaShop Social Loginizer addon, you can offer various popular social login options to your customers including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

With the addon, you can add these social login options at various pages of your website including the Home page, Category page, Product page, login page, etc.

5. PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

If your website’s pages load slowly then also there are chances you will get lost carts on your store rather than getting successfully placed orders. According to research if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load then nearly 70% of the customers leave the website.

With PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages addon, you can convert your web pages into AMP pages and can easily reduce the loading time of the pages.

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