What are the best ways in which Prestashop Spin and Win help your eCommerce store?

In the competitive world of eCommerce, always staying on the top matters no matter how things are – calm or not. Tapping the brain research of the site visitors and selling them the thought rather than the products is the most ideal approach to have an edge. The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon are one of the patterns that have harvested results for a lot of major parts of the business. Prestashop Interactive pop-up addon is one such addon that can help support the conversions.

Can’t help thinking about how might this Email Subscription pop up addon helps in the increment of the conversions? Take a look at the blog that talks about the best ways in which Prestashop Newsletter Subscription popup addon helps your eCommerce store.

Builds the website traffic

A superior and appealing UI of the site can bait more clients. Even though numerous other variables influence the purchase choice of the clients, the look and feel of the site is one angle that can tempt them to remain in the store. Any repetitive or dull looking site can put down the peruse aim of your target audience. The perky method to part with the offers is something that interests the clients to visit your site over and over. Consequently, the whole situation ought to be organized so that the client feels as though he/she has blasted an arrangement or deal. And what can be superior to make them spin the wheel to get the offers?

Better client engagement

As referenced over, a superior UI is an easy method to keep the visitors drew in for a longer period. While a coupon 10% discount is viewed as useless by the shoppers, all in all, the thrilling method to get a similar offer will make it beneficial. Another striking variable of the Prestashop Interactive popup addon is that is a preferable choice over the exit pop-ups. Add a Prestashop Entry pop up to your online store and this can easily handicap the exit goal of the visitors. More prominent client engagement is the way to more noteworthy conversions. Along these lines, the energetic spin and win wheel alternative will at last guide your conversions.

Helps Email marketing and remarketing

The clients can spin the wheel of the Prestashop Responsive pop-up addon exclusively after entering the email addresses. Thus, the exit pop up can even expand the database of the client IDs you have. Along with this, the store proprietors get an extra component in this Prestashop spin and win addon. The guest can spin the wheel just a single time with a single id. Henceforth, one person can’t guarantee various coupons. Besides, the interactive PrestaShop Email Subscription pop up addon can get the clients snared and they even will in general enter numerous email ids. Subsequently, this encourages the email marketing campaign of the store proprietor. The promotional emails can be shipped off to a more noteworthy audience and subsequently the odds of conversions increments at last.

Diminishes the bounce rate because of irritating pop-ups

The pop-ups have been utilized for a long time as an ideal opportunity to check the exit aim of the visitors. In any case, it was even blamed for irritating the clients. Prestashop Exit Intent Pop Up is one to prevent the visitors from exiting the site without irritating them. The best thing about this Prestashop spin and win addon is that the store proprietors can even manage the recurrence of the wheel show. In this way, the charming Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon diminish the bounce and exit rates. The additional time the clients spend on the site, the more will be the odds of conversions.

Encourages the visitors to convert and shop

The prizes won by spinning the wheel can be effortlessly utilized while shopping. The coupon code is generated consequently in this Prestashop spin and win module. The clients can duplicate the code and paste it into the space provided on the checkout page. Not simply this, the clients are even informed about the coupon code through email. This can encourage the buy choice of the visitors and force them to go to the checkout page.


Now that you know the various ways with which Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon is helpful for your eCommerce business. Check out the Prestashop extension at Knowband and take your business to new heights.

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