Top Prestashop Customer Support Addons to Offer Best Customer Support

Great customer support can get you, customers, for a lifetime. Whether you provide an excellent shopping experience to your customers or products at a reasonable price, if you do not care about your customers and their problems then you will lose your customers.

Most of the customers have queries before buying the products, most inquire after purchasing the products, and some file complaints regarding the wrong product or bad products’ quality. In all these cases, the customers seek help from you and expect you would listen to their problems and provide the appropriate solution.

In this article, we will be discussing all the useful PrestaShop addons that will help you hear your customers’ grievances and queries and provide them satisfactory solutions. These addons will help you build your brand value and increase customer loyalty for your business.

Top PrestaShop Modules to Offer Best Customer Support:

1. PrestaShop Return Manager addon:

The first addon in the list is the PrestaShop Return Manager addon by which you can allow your customers to raise product return requests from their accounts. The addon offers an easy-to-use Return Manager to the store admin by which he can easily and efficiently manage all the return requests on the online store.

The addon saves a lot of time and effort for the store owner and lets him handle the store’s returns like a Pro. With the addon, you can give your customers an excellent shopping experience and can retain them for a lifetime.

2. PrestaShop Deskoid Helpdesk:

With Knowband’s PrestaShop Deskoid Helpdesk addon, you can add a Customer Support System to your eCommerce store and let your customers create tickets for their queries and complaints. The interface of the ticker system is user-friendly and the customers can easily report their issues to the store admin by raising a ticket.

The store admin can check all the raised tickets in the back office of the addon and can send an appropriate reply to the customers. The addon helps your customers to communicate with you about their queries and concerns and helps you provide the customers satisfactory solutions to their needs.

3. PrestaShop Social Messenger addon:

With the PrestaShop Social Messenger addon, you can offer live Facebook chat support to your customers. As most people use Facebook and are very active on it, they can use this chat support and can easily communicate their queries to you.

The interface of the addon is user-friendly and it can be integrated into your eCommerce shop easily.

4. PrestaShop Login As Customer addon:

If the customers are facing any issues on your online store, you can take access to their accounts without their passwords and look into those issues with the Knowband’s PrestaShop Login as Customer addon.

With the addon, the store admin can look into the order history, wishlist, and shopping cart details from the customer’s account. The store admin can check the history of his logins to the accounts of the customers from the back office. With the addon, you can resolve customers’ problems by logging in to their accounts and check the issues by yourself.

With these addons, you can enhance the experience of your customers on your online store and can retain them to your brand for a longer period.

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