Speed Up Sales with Knowband’s PrestaShop Shipping Timer Addon!

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, optimizing your online store is crucial for success. PrestaShop, being a popular e-commerce platform, offers a wide range of features to streamline your store management. One such essential feature is the shipping process, which plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. To add a competitive edge to your PrestaShop store, Knowband brings you the PrestaShop Shipping Timer Addon. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key benefits and features of this addon, and how to install the Module.

What is the PrestaShop Shipping Timer Addon?

PrestaShop Shipping Timer Addon by Knowband

The PrestaShop Shipping Timer Module by Knowband is a powerful tool designed to enhance your store’s shipping process. This addon allows you to display a countdown timer on product pages, cart pages, and checkout pages, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to make quicker purchase decisions.

Key Features of PrestaShop Shipping Timer Module:

Customizable Countdown Timer:

  • The addon allows you to customize the countdown timer according to your preferences. You can set the duration, choose where to display it and adjust the design to match your store’s theme.

Flexible Display Options:

  • Display the shipping timer on product pages, cart pages, and checkout pages to maximize its impact. This flexibility ensures that customers are consistently reminded of the urgency to complete their purchase.

Multi-Language Support:

  • Cater to a global audience with multi-language support. The addon enables you to display the countdown timer in different languages, enhancing the user experience for international customers.

Mobile Responsiveness:

  • With an increasing number of users shopping on mobile devices, the Prestashop one-day shipping countdown addon is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across various screen sizes.

Benefits of Using the PrestaShop Shipping Timer Addon:

Benefits of Using the PrestaShop Shipping Timer Addon

Boosts Conversion Rates:

  • The sense of urgency created by the countdown timer prompts customers to make quicker purchasing decisions, leading to increased conversion rates.

Reduces Cart Abandonment:

  • By reminding customers of impending shipping deadlines, the addon helps reduce cart abandonment rates. Customers are more likely to complete their purchases to ensure timely delivery.

Enhances Customer Experience:

  • The customizable and user-friendly design of the countdown timer adds value to the overall shopping experience, making it more engaging for customers.

Increases Sales Revenue:

  • Encourage impulse purchases and drive sales revenue by leveraging the psychological impact of urgency created by the countdown timer.

Promotes Transparency:

  • The shipping timer promotes transparency in your shipping process, keeping customers informed about the expected delivery timeframes.

How to Install the Prestashop One-day Shipping Module:

Purchase and Download:


  • Log in to your PrestaShop admin panel, navigate to the Modules and Services section, and click on ‘Add a new module.’ Upload the addon files and install them.


  • After installation, configure the addon settings according to your preferences. Set the countdown duration, choose display locations, and customize the design to match your store’s theme.

Save and Activate:

  • Save the configuration settings and activate the addon. The PrestaShop Shipping Timer is now ready to enhance your store’s shipping experience.


In the competitive world of e-commerce, every tool that contributes to a seamless and efficient shopping experience is invaluable. The Prestashop countdown timer addon by Knowband is a must-have for online store owners looking to optimize their shipping process, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. Invest in this powerful addon today and take your PrestaShop store to new heights.

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