What Is PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

Single merchant site isn’t enough in the period of online business marketplace. PrestaShop offers great features to store merchants that lead to a powerful store on this platform. Hence, there would be no problem in developing your own marketplace using Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Prestashop Multi-Seller Marketplace Extension helps with changing over the current Prestashop store into the multi-merchant marketplace. For instance, Amazon, eBay, etc. Hence, various merchants can add, manage and sell their products on your eCommerce site. 

Moreover, Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace provides a fixed level of commission on every offer of seller’s product.

Merchants receive separate boards for managing profiles. Merchants can manage products, orders, and exchanges, etc. Above all, store merchants can provide a better shopping experience to the clients. In addition, Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin offers a large scope of products from various merchants.

Features Of PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace

1. Supports Various Products :

PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module supports a wide range of products. Furthermore, the vendors can add simply, configurable, packed, and other product types. 

PrestaShop Marketplace module is compatible with Knowband Return Manager Module and Product Availability Check by Zipcode module.

2. Offers Easy Vendor Registration :

The PrestaShop Marketplace module enables admin to allow buyers to register as a seller. Further, by selecting the ‘Register as Seller’ option on the registration form, they can register from the front-end.

Lastly, the PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module admin panel offers approval/disapproval of dealer’s profiles.

3. Customize Email Templates :

Over 30 pre-existing email templates are present in PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace Module. And templates help in managing PrestaShop Marketplace communication between the merchants and admin, vendors, and clients. Further, the store admin can see and change the content of the email templates.

4. Compatible With Mobile Apps:

The Mobile App Builder for PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace Plugin brings the PrestaShop Marketplace to the fingertips of the clients.

Marketplace stores with their listed merchants can be seen from the PrestaShop Marketplace section. Moreover, sellers reviews are viewed and written from the merchant section and the product page of the Mobile App. 

Further, merchants can view the valuable reviews of their clients. Seller lists with their listed products are viewed from the merchant section easily. Marketplace Mobile App allows the client to pick products from different sellers easily.

5. Different Categories :

PrestaShop Marketplace Plugin allows listing products in allowed categories. If necessary, the vendors can send a category request.

The PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin allows managing the request from the admin interface. A product uploaded in different categories of PrestaShop Marketplace can be viewed as the default category by the merchant.

6. Social Accounts :

The PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module offers a feature to the sellers to enter Social URLs. Further, this enables the social links on the seller’s page.

The PrestaShop Marketplace Module enables adding social accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram from the seller dashboard.

7. Easy Transaction :

The buyers can easily search any vendor on the PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace and place their orders. For this purpose, the module offers a secure transaction process and helps clients to buy products easily.

8. Easy Return/Refund :

The PrestaShop Marketplace module gives a perfect return/discount/ replacement request. Moreover, no unique process needs to be followed. Therefore, with the help of the PrestaShop Marketplace module, the admin provides an easy return of products.

Hence, the clients can request for refund easily. In addition, the refunds provided are in the preferred mode of the clients.

9.  Transparency :

Buyers can see the seller’s details on a separate seller page made for each merchant. Hence, from the back-end of the PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module, the email subject and body content can be customized. In the end, customers can rate and review sellers that appear on the front end of the Marketplace website.

At last, KnowBand offers PrestaShop Marketplace Addon and other plugins for different e-commerce platforms. In addition, the addon helps PrestaShop store owners to create their marketplace and different sellers to sell their products.

User Manual

In addition to the PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace plugin, Knowband offers a multi-vendor marketplace module for platforms like OpenCart and Magento 2. For further information, feel free to contact us at suppport@Knowband.com

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