Can Etsy Prestashop API Integrator upgrade your eCommerce business?

Upgrading your business becomes easier with Etsy Prestashop API Integrator as it makes product listing easier on the Etsy marketplace as well as provides benefits to admin and customers. However, if you keep on repeating these mistakes, the chances of getting your business at the top might not happen. What are these mistakes and why every eCommerce merchant must avoid them? Let’s find out.

Mistake #1: Not making product photography a priority 

According to Etsy’s customer research, product images are crucial in making a purchase choice. It’s the most essential aspect in selecting whether or not to buy, even more so than shipping costs, user reviews, or even the item’s price.

Mistake #2: Not paying attention to a methodical approach 

Many sellers concentrate solely on the areas of the company that they enjoy. They don’t realize how small a portion of their responsibilities that stuff is at first. Furthermore, when launching a new business, it’s critical to take a scientific approach, paying close attention to details. Including pricing, spending management, and even developing a business strategy.

Mistake #3: Not paying enough attention to tags

Your listing’s tags and titles aid customers in finding your things on Etsy. Many sellers believe that creating tags is a continuous process that requires experimentation, patience, and an open mind. Asking your friends what they would type into the search bar if they were seeking a similar product is an excellent trick. Consumers, particularly potential customers, are attracted to word groups and common tags.

Mistake #4: You aren’t getting the word out about your company.

An effective marketing strategy takes time to design, but it is an important part of building a following for your new small business.

Etsy Prestashop API Integrator upgrading your business

Etsy Prestashop API Integrator makes the process of listing products on the marketplace easier due to the features mentioned below:

Etsy Prestashop API Integrator

How to list your products on the Etsy marketplace?

Profiles Management

Admin can choose the fundamental settings for listing the goods via profile management, such as Etsy Store (country-wise), Currency, Language, and Shipping Profile. Using the Size chart image function, store administrators can upload an additional image for each profile. As an additional image, this image will be published to the Etsy marketplace.

Etsy Prestashop API Integrator

Bulk Listing Of The Products

The admin can map the PrestaShop store category to the Etsy Marketplace category. This results in all PrestaShop store category products being featured on the Etsy Marketplace under the selected Etsy category. Using the profile-based product uploading Etsy PrestaShop Integration Extension, the admin can upload products in masse.

Orders Settings

The orders settings tab of the PrestaShop Etsy integration extension allows the store admin to sync orders from the Etsy Marketplace to the PrestaShop store. The new order status can then be synced to the Etsy Marketplace when it has been updated on the PrestaShop store. Accomplish the same thing, use two CRONS.


The CRON settings may be found on the Synchronization tab, which can be used to automate all of the cron settings. Furthermore, admins can quickly sync product status, order status, language sync, order status update, and more using the Synchronization tab.

Etsy Prestashop API Integrator

Shipping Template Management

From here, the admin can build shipping profiles and the mapped to the various Profiles generated within the Profiles Management section.

Etsy Prestashop API Integrator

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