How to manage orders with ease using Prestashop Etsy Connector?

In the current scenario, the marketplace must offer the best service to the clients if they want to attract more and more clients. One of them as often as possible ignored in a high-performance e-commerce environment is OMS which stands for the order management system. OMS is included in various platforms, however, a more complex and integrated solution is required by larger enterprises. This feature allows them to manage clients along with their orders; over multiple channels. 

Etsy is one such marketplace that helps to manage orders easily. Etsy is a leading marketplace that supports creative businesses by offering several brands that are already selling on Etsy with access to a community of over 15 million buyers. Further, each month Etsy has more than 25 million visitors offering sellers a wonderful opportunity to reach a wider and worldwide audience. 

Prestashop Etsy Connector

What is the Etsy marketplace?

Etsy is a marketplace that works as a link between clients and artists or collectors of vintage items. Furthermore, this helps sellers to display their items. This way they can spread awareness regarding their products and services using the Etsy marketplace.

How to manage orders easily with Prestashop Etsy Integration Plugin?

Prestashop Etsy Connector
  • With the assistance of Knowband Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon, Prestashop store owners can start selling on the Etsy marketplace. 
  • Prestashop Etsy Connector saves time for sellers by automating the manual listing procedure. In simple words, Prestashop store owners don’t have to spend much time performing the manual listing process. Furthermore, this addon handles the inventory and order for the Etsy shop orders the back-end of Prestashop.
Prestashop Etsy Connector
  • Managing orders becomes easier with Prestashop Etsy Connector as it consists of features such as Order settings, Sync orders, Order Status Mapping, Order Default Status, and lastly, order paid status.
Prestashop Etsy Connector

Orders Settings

Prestashop Etsy Connector offers an order setting tab that allows the admin to sync the orders from the Etsy Marketplace to the PrestaShop store. Furthermore, after the order status has been updated on the store, the updated order status can be synced to the Etsy Marketplace and to achieve the same, 2 CRON are available.

Prestashop Etsy Connector

Sync orders

  • Command Run On(CRON) allows store merchants to sync the Etsy orders to the PrestaShop store. Furthermore, this CRON list all the orders received from the Etsy store to the PrestaShop Store. 
  • Furthermore, after the orders exported to the Prestashop store, the store admin can easily update the order status from the PrestaShop store. Moreover, the admin needs to run the Sync Order.
Prestashop Etsy Connector
  • Status cron to update the order statuses on the Etsy Marketplace.

Prestashop Etsy Connector offers Order Status Mapping feature

  • Order status mapping or order status mapping tabs is a feature that helps in mapping the Etsy store order statuses to the PrestaShop order statuses. Furthermore, the store admin offers an option to map the Order Default Status for both- paid and unpaid orders and order shipped status. 

Prestashop Etsy Connector offers Order Default Status and Order Paid Status

  • Due to order default status, the store admin can pick the order status. Synced to the store from the Etsy store while order sync. Moreover, this order status is for the unpaid orders on the Etsy store.
  • Similarly, Prestashop admin can select any of the order statuses according to their PrestaShop store. Store merchants can select the order status that are synced to the store from the Etsy store while order sync for the paid orders.

Final Thoughts on Prestashop Etsy Connector

When you start to consider B2B commerce solutions, order management becomes important. Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon offers great features hence it’s a must-have addon. If facing any queries, you may write at Knowband efficient experts will resolve your issues regardless of time and day as they offer services 24*7.

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