Tired of managing items? Use PrestaShop eBay Integrator

Having an eCommerce business can be quite difficult sometimes as it demands extreme management and managing items could be difficult sometimes. Hence, Prestashop eBay Integrator is a must-use addon. The biggest advantage of this addon is, it eases out the management on eBay martketplace.

What is eBay?

eBay is a worldwide eCommerce firm based in San Jose, California, that is well-known for its online auction and retail sites. It enables consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer transactions, as well as provides a simple and configurable interface for sellers all over the world to list and sell their products.

eBay is present in over 30 countries. eBay’s product listings include over 800 million listings that are not unique but also offer fantastic prices. eBay is a global marketplace where individuals from all over the world come together to sell and purchase various seller products, which can assist store owners to raise sales and expand their reach.

Selling your products on eBay is beneficial for your eCommerce business unless you are doing these silly mistakes. In this blog, we will be discussing the mistakes that sellers shouldn’t repeat and how to connect your Prestashop store with the eBay marketplace.

PrestaShop eBay Integrator

Mistakes to avoid on the eBay marketplace

Less focusing on item descriptions

  • A listing with a bad description will not rank well in searches, and potential buyers will not find it. A fully written description might provide essential information to eBay or PayPal in the event of an eBay claim or dispute, allowing the seller to win the case.

Less knowledge about Search Engine Optimization

  • Your product must appear in a customer’s search results to be sold on Etsy. If someone searches for a “handmade silver ring with opal,” you want your goods to come up first. Don’t be afraid if you’ve never considered search engine optimization (SEO).

Selling Goods for Less 

  • You are squandering money if you list an item on eBay without first conducting market research. Similarly, looking through finished listings that failed can give you an indication of whether prices are too high.
  • Sometimes vendors underprice their items, assuming that greater sales will compensate for the cheaper price. While you may generate a lot of sales, if the market is prepared to pay $20 for an item and you constantly price yours at $15, you are losing $5 on every sale.

eBay Marketplace Integration

  • Selling is one thing and managing product listing, as well as inventory management, is one thing. The eBay PrestaShop Marketplace Integration Module allows PrestaShop store administrators to manage product listings and inventory on eBay Marketplace directly from their PrestaShop store.
PrestaShop eBay Integrator

How to list products on the eBay marketplace using PrestaShop eBay Integrator?

PrestaShop eBay Integrator offers Product Listing

  • The PrestaShop eBay Integrator product listing tab shows the status of the products’ listings. Further, the admin may view the items linked to the various profiles, as well as their eBay Id, Listing Status, eBay status (Active, Ended), Enabled or Disabled, and the ability to enable/Disable/Relist/Renew, under this tab. 
PrestaShop eBay Integrator
  • By clicking a button or executing the CRON, the admin can list a single product or all of the items. Moreover, the PrestaShop eBay Integrator provides a variety of CRON to make the procedure easier for the business administrator. All of these CRON is also available in the PrestaShop eBay Connector Module’s Synchronization tab.

Local Sync

  • The PrestaShop shop product will be synchronized with the PrestaShop eBay Integration module using Local Sync. Furthermore, this capability added to the eBay PrestaShop module to make listing products on eBay Marketplace easier for store administrators. After the items synchronized to the module, the admin can use the CRON to sync the products individually or in bulk.
PrestaShop eBay Integrator

List Products

  • The products from the PrestaShop eBay Integrator will be listed on the eBay Marketplace, together with variations, inventory, and product descriptions, by CRON.
PrestaShop eBay Integrator
  • The admin can monitor the status of the products once the Product Listing is complete. Further, the PrestaShop eBay Integrator allows you to list individual products as well as create bulk listings.

PrestaShop eBay Integrator offers Revise Products

  • The Product status field on the Product Listing page indicates the state of eBay products. If the admin has made any changes to the product from the PrestaShop admin, these products will show the status as Updated.
  • The Revise Product CRON will update the details on these products and post them on eBay. The PrestaShop eBay Integrator enables shop administrators to revise individual or bulk products.

Relist Products

The admin must execute the Relist Products CRON to relist the products on eBay. Furthermore, the eBay PrestaShop Integration plugin allows store administrators to relist products one by one or in bulk.

Get Listing Report

This CRON will update the listing status on the PrestaShop eBay Marketplace module. This allows the administrator to verify the status of the listed products directly from the PrestaShop store.

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