PrestaShop eBay Integration Addon – Makes Inventory Management Easier

eBay Integration is a Store Manager for PrestaShop module (addon) which permits you to export items from PrestaShop store to eBay marketplace. eBay Integration permit store admin to update their details and import eBay orders to PrestaShop.

PrestaShop eBay Integration Addon

eBay PrestaShop Marketplace Integration Addon makes it simple for the PrestaShop store admin to deal with the product listing and inventory management on eBay Marketplace from the PrestaShop store itself.

This module is a smart alternative to save time and manage the items on PrestaShop and eBay channels from the PrestaShop store.

Prestashop eBay Integration Addon automates the listing process and saves time for the PrestaShop store owners. This addon helps in managing the inventory & orders from the PrestaShop store for the eBay marketplace. With the help of this, the admin can easily synchronize product items independently just as mass bulk synchronization.

Major Features Of Prestashop eBay Integration Plugin

Prestashop eBay API Integration Module Allows Profiles Management

Profile management permits the store admin to select the basic settings to list the items. Using the module, a different profile is made to list the store items to the eBay Marketplace. Store admin will find the different option in the Profiles Management tab of the eBay PrestaShop Connector Addon has the options like – Select eBay Site, Select Language, Shipping Profile Selection, Profile Name, Category Mapping, etc.

Bulk Listing Of The Products

The eBay PrestaShop Integration module allows bulk listing of products. Moreover, store admin can map the PrestaShop store category to the eBay Marketplace category. This is done with an aim i.e. each product listed under the PrestaShop store category get listed to the eBay Marketplace under the selected eBay category.

Category Mapping With Prestashop eBay Integration Plugin

To list the PrestaShop store items to the eBay Marketplace, the PrestaShop store admin needs to plan the PrestaShop store category to the most significant eBay Store category. Hence, PrestaShop store products can get planned to the eBay category. The eBay PrestaShop Integration addon offers a simple interface to the store admin for the Category Mapping.

Allows Store Admin To List Products At Different Price

The eBay PrestaShop Integration module permits the PrestaShop store admin to list items from the PrestaShop store to the eBay Marketplace at a different price compared to the PrestaShop store price. The admin has the alternative to list the items at a lower or higher price depending on fixed or percentage-wise. This feature can assist you to win over the completion by offering competitive prices with no problem.

Map The Payment Methods To The eBay Store With Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

The store admin can map payment methods to the eBay store. All the accessible payment methods listed on the Profile Management page of the PrestaShop eBay Integration module. As a result, store admin can choose multiple payment methods to sync them with the eBay marketplace.

Sync Orders Cron With Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

PrestaShop eBay Marketplace addon sync orders CRON permits the store admin to sync the eBay orders to the PrestaShop store. The store admin will be able to view them once the orders have been synchronized to the PrestaShop store. Further, the admin can edit the order details from the eBay PrestaShop Integration module.

Sync Order Status

The admin can update the order status from the PrestaShop store to the eBay store once orders have been exported to the Prestashop. To update the order statuses with the eBay Marketplace admin needs to run the Sync Order Status CRON. When the admin will run this CRON, the eBay PrestaShop Integration module will update the order status on the eBay Marketplace manually. By clicking the update order status tab or set up the CRON for the automation, the activity is performed. Further, the CRON setup referenced under the synchronization tab of the eBay PrestaShop Connector module.


The Synchronization tab of the eBay PrestaShop Integrator module offers the CRON settings, used to automate the order posting as well as request the executives. Further, the CRON settings of the activities referenced on the page. The eBay Connector module can help the admin to mechanize the selling cycle on eBay. Moreover, the guidelines to add the CRON are referenced on the Synchronization page of the eBay PrestaShop Module.


The Knowband Prestashop eBay integration module has a great deal of amazing and powerful set of features. Further, to keep in the issues faced while managing both- the eBay and Prestashop stores simultaneously, this has been designed. It’s an exceptionally unique and alluring addon. Knowband is one of the leading names in the eCommerce industry creating best plugins for multiple eCommerce platforms including PrestaShop.

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