Your eCommerce business needs more – Go for Prestashop Mobile App Builder

By offering a Mobile App and having a mobile website as well as a Prestashop mobile app builder, eCommerce businesses may achieve new heights. That too, in a shorter period and with significantly less work.

Want to know why your eCommerce business needs the Prestashop mobile app, here we are. In this article, we’ll show you the stunning features of the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app. Until a few years ago, eCommerce business owners had to create their shopping apps without any prior experience, or hire a developer if they didn’t come from a technical background. With the Prestashop Android app or Prestashop iOS app, you can build a mobile app without any coding.

Features of the Prestashop Mobile App Builder

Push Notifications

Push notifications are essentially supported in the best way by mobile apps produced using the Prestashop mobile app creator. The advantage of this Prestashop plugin is that it allows store administrators to send an unlimited number of push alerts to app users at any moment.

Compatibility for several currencies and languages in Prestashop Mobile App

Multiple global monetary forms and their respective languages are available in your Prestashop mobile app maker. This addon even supports RTL material as well. For instance, Arabic, Persian, and other languages.

Accessibility on the go

Your app users may also access your Prestashop when they are offline or connected to a slow internet connection. With the Prestashop mobile app builder, they may return to previously viewed product pages, class pages, baskets, wishlists, account pages, orders pages, and so on.

Synchronization in Real-Time

The store manager does not have to worry about dealing with their app and website separately. Your Prestashop Android app builder will gradually sync the website with the app. Moreover, the Prestashop iOS app builder also maintains the stock management system programmed.

Payment and shipping options are available in a variety of ways

The Prestashop plugin features all of the dynamic payment and shipping options on your Prestashop website. Moreover, on your mobile app as well. The same is available for coupon assistance.

Mobile App that is Fully Customizable 

Whether you choose to build a native shopping app with their plugin or not, you’ll want to use the reorganized backend of the module to successfully tweak and change your eCommerce mobile app. The DIY Home-Page editor allows store administrators to modify the homepage format (with a live preview).

Search using an image

In one of the recent updates, the ‘search by image’ was included in the module by Knowband. Using this, the admin can allow the customers to search the inventory using images. Moreover, they can use images from their gallery or otherwise as well.

Deep linking

Deep linking is when you share a link with the customer that takes him/her right to the product. In fact, it doesn’t beat around the bush and allows the customer to land where he/she should.

Add to Cart on Home Page and Category Pages in Prestashop Mobile App

The Add to Cart button on the Home page and Category Pages saves the time and effort of the customers. In fact, it allows them to head straight to the checkout without going to the product page.

Related Products functionality

The module is now compatible with Prestashop Automatic Related Products Addon. Therefore, the admin can display related products to the customers for increasing the chances of potential sales.


The Prestashop addon comes with a lot more features. For instance, social login, social sharing, and enhanced layered navigation, to name a few. Moreover, the Prestashop module assists store owners inefficiently converting their business to a mobile app. Furthermore, without the need to spend time programming and surveying. If you’ve been considering something similar, take a look at the options before launching your eCommerce mobile app. If you still have queries, let us know at

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