PrestaShop Progressive Web App compatible with Marketplace Module

PrestaShop Progressive Web App is compatible with Marketplace Module which makes this module a “must-use module“.

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) take advantage of existing APIs to deliver more functionality, reliability, and installability while reaching anybody, everywhere, at any time, on any device, with a single codebase. Furthermore, these web applications have been designed in a manner that they are capable, reliable, as well as installable. These three pillars of Progressive Web Apps can efficiently transform them into an experience that seems like it belongs in a platform-specific app.

PrestaShop Progressive Web App

What is PrestaShop Progressive Web App?

  • Knowband Prestashop Progressive Web App is like the best of both worlds. This plugin not only helps in converting your eCommerce website into PrestaShop PWA Mobile App but even permits mobile visitors to add Progressive Web App & shop hassle-free. Furthermore, there is no dependency on Google Play or the Apple App Store. 
  • PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Creator can be installed quickly with just one tap. Also, it offers complete customizable feature.
  • DIY editor to modify the look of your home screen and even the feels of the live Progressive Web App. 
PrestaShop Progressive Web App

PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App compatibility with KnowBand Marketplace Module

Features like seller listings/profiles, Seller Products, Seller Reviews, And Ratings, and Seller Shipping& Return Policies make Prestashop eCommerce PWA compatible with Knowband Marketplace Module.

PrestaShop Progressive Web App

Feature 1: Seller Listings/Profiles

In the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App’s navigation menu, there is a separate “Sellers” area. Users can look at the seller listings as well as each seller’s profile. When you open a seller profile, all of their products, as well as other information, are displayed.

Feature 2: Seller Products

The products posted by each seller are publicly available for purchase on the seller profile page of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App. Users of the PrestaShop Progressive Web App can also browse and buy products from individual merchants.

PrestaShop Progressive Web App

Feature 3: Seller Reviews And Ratings

Users of the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App can contribute vendor reviews and ratings. For each vendor, all previous reviews will be displayed. The new seller reviews and ratings will become public only after the shop admin approves them.

Feature 4: Seller Shipping& Return Policies

To serve customers better, any seller on the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App can list their own unique shipping or return policy. PrestaShop Progressive Web App users may view and stay informed about each seller’s details and policies.

PrestaShop Progressive Web App

Can we say Prestashop Progressive Web App is the best of both worlds?


The rapid growth in the eCommerce industry has led to the urgency of having an eCommerce mobile app. However, developing mobile apps necessitates a significant amount of coding and other technical skills. PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder is easy to use and install.

PrestaShop Progressive Web App

Furthermore, it embraces the mobile shopping experience to the users. Moreover, the PrestaShop PWA App module is created to turn your business into a web application that can be handled from a user-friendly backend panel. These apps include more functionality than native apps, such as offline mode and platform independence, making them a convenient and seamless purchasing experience for consumers. Hence, we can say that Knowband Prestashop Progressive Web App is the best of both worlds.


Knowband has some of the top plugins for Prestashop and other eCommerce systems. Clients can get post-sales assistance from Knowband in addition to efficient modules.

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