How is Guest Checkout in the Prestashop One Page Checkout helpful?

This comes as no secret that the checkout page of your eCommerce store is one of the most crucial steps that either makes or breaks the purchase. As per this blog by Knowband, there are 9 checkout conversion killers. One of the conversion killers is forcing your visitors to register to complete the purchase. Knowing that the abandoned cart rate is so high at your store, you should invest in Guest Checkout which is an integral feature of the Prestashop One Page Checkout addon. Knowband features a Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension that is the best way to offer your visitors a smooth and non-registered way to complete the purchase.

This blog talks about the benefits of the guest checkout feature on your single page checkout.

Benefits of Guest Checkout in Prestashop One Page Supercheckout

Guest Checkout is the best way to get the first contact in place

Allowing the users to checkout as a guest is particularly essential when they’re engaging with your website or brand for the first time. This is normally because users don’t promptly trust any online businesses with their own information. According to a study by Zimmer Communications, consumers don’t trust sponsored or branded content that they find online.

Users might be bound to change over in the event that they aren’t needed to make accounts before they purchase, as it demands a lower level of responsibility. In the event that they like what you offer, they will undoubtedly return and make an account later. With the Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon, you can give an option to the visitors to either sign up and create an account on the eCommerce store or complete their purchase with the Guest Checkout feature.

Guest Checkout is a great tool for impulse buying

You should know that 8 out of 10 customers concede that they have made a purchase without really thinking. You can use impulse purchasing to build eCommerce ROI. Hasty customers particularly don’t wish to invest a ton of energy enrolling in each online store. Significantly more along these lines, they additionally don’t need messages to attack with limited time messages from various businesses. Along these lines, when you make the registration interaction effortless, they are bound to purchase from your store. That’s exactly where the One Step Checkout Prestashop Extension becomes of real help for your eCommerce business.

Guest Checkout fastens the purchasing process

By dodging the pointless advance of forcing customers to enlist before making a purchase, guest checkout speeds up the purchasing cycle. This works because it gives your customers the alternative to enter an email address and head directly to checkout. Your customers can begin to finish address and payment details faster, causing the cycle to seem like less work. At the point when you force a registration, it regularly interrupts the purchasing cycle and leads numerous customers to abandon their carts. When the user steps up to the plate and makes a purchase, the checkout cycle ought to be pretty much as frictionless as could really be expected. You ought to limit the number of fields to fill.

Likewise, without registration, potential customers get straight into payment forms. They don’t reach a point where they pause and consider proceeding. In addition, you can generally add the alternative to make an account at the flip side of the checkout cycle as we mentioned in the first point.


The feature of Guest Checkout serves to be extremely crucial and beneficial for the Prestashop store owners. Further, for those who are looking forward to more sales and conversions. Having the Prestashop One Page Checkout is what has the feature of guest checkout and many more that the visitors like and would seamlessly go forth for in order to buy what they’re looking for.

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