One Page Checkout – Top Features to Add to Your One Page Checkout

When it comes to enhance the checkout experience of the online shoppers and get more converted orders rather than lost carts, One Page Checkout is always an amazing option to opt-in.

Unlike Multi-page Checkout, the Single Page Checkout doesn’t require customers to load multiple pages and fill in the details, it allows the online shoppers to complete the whole checkout process from a single page without loading more web pages.

Single Page Checkout fastens the checkout process and makes it easy for online buyers to quickly fill in the details and place their orders without any hassle. In this write-up, I will be discussing the top features to add to your online store’s One Page Checkout that will optimize it and will save the time and effort of your customers.

Before jumping to the list of features, we would like to offer PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon by Knowband which accelerated and simplify the checkout process of your eCommerce store and offers a lot of advanced features to make it as simple and easy as possible for your online customers.

One Page Checkout addon is also available for Magento and OpenCart platforms.

Top Features to Add in Your Single Page Checkout:

1. Social Login options:

Nowadays, social login has gained huge popularity in the eCommerce market as it is easier and faster to login with popular social accounts in comparison to creating a new account and remembering the multiple login credentials. Customers feel more secure while logging with social networks and it saves them the lengthy registration process.

If you don’t want to get failed logins or pending orders on your eCommerce store then you need to add social login options in your One Page Checkout on your online store.

2. Auto-Address Fill option:

Nowadays, online retailers need to make the online shopping process as easy as possible for the online customers to get maximum conversions. With the Auto-address fill option in the Single Page Checkout, you can save the time and effort of your online customers and let them select their whole address without typing it manually.

This feature displays the address of the users as soon as they start typing the initial letters of their addresses. The customers can check and select the right address and complete the checkout process quickly.

3. Guest Checkout:

As most online shoppers don’t like to share their details on an unknown eCommerce website, Guest Checkout is quite a good option to consider not to lose the online sales even if the customers don’t register themselves on the website.

With this option, the customers can place their orders as guests without creating a new separate account on the website.

4. Inline Validation:

If the customers miss filling a mandatory field then there should be a “display errors with inline validation” feature. With this feature, the One Page Checkout displays an error whenever the users try to place their orders without filling the mandatory fields on the checkout page.

With this feature, the customers can see the missed fields and can complete them, and place their orders.

5. Mobile Responsive Checkout:

According to a report, more than 51% of online shopping is done with mobile devices in the year 2019.

If you want to increase your revenue and not miss sales by any means then you need to have a mobile-friendly One Page Checkout on your eCommerce website so that your customers can easily fill in the necessary details and place their orders through their mobile device.

Knowband’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout has all these advanced features that not only accelerate the checkout process but also improve their shopping experience on your eCommerce store. Get the One Page Checkout addon and increase your online store’s conversion rate effortlessly.

You can also check the admin demo, front demo, and the User Manual of the PrestaShop One Page Checkout module to check its functionality better.

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