Reduce Cart Abandonment with PrestaShop One Page Checkout on Your Store

Are you facing a lot of cart abandonment on your PrestaShop eCommerce store? There can be many possible reasons your buyers leaving the website without completing the action. It is pivotal for an eCommerce store owner to pay close attention to the shopping cart abandonment rate. It affects business by flagging a poor user experience or a flawed sales funnel.

Distraction is the key element for cart abandonment while shopping online. It is important to engage the customers during the whole journey of purchase. The checkout experience plays a vital role in the customer experience. One-third of the abandoned carts happen due to poor checkout experience or a lack of multiple payment methods. There are several reasons for cart abandonment but a curated One Page Checkout can make a huge difference. It can help to reduce cart abandonment. Replace conventional multi-page checkout from your PrestaShop store with One Page Checkout addon to combat cart abandonment.

Build trust in your transaction form with security badges

One Page Checkout addon

Let your customers feel secure while sharing their details on your eCommerce store.  Prestashop One Page Checkout module provides multiple payment gateways to your customers.  It is a good practice to include a security badge with your payment options.

To mitigate the discomfort of passing over their hard-earned money – and financial identity – using the transaction forms as a chance to generate and develop trust. Involve trust signals like security logos in a prime spot near your payment tab. Quick Checkout extension PrestaShop is the best checkout page solution to do so.

Add a Progress Indicator on Checkout Pages

reduce cart abandonment

Simply telling consumers where they are in the purchase phase, you’re removing the possible fear that buying something from you will take more time than the prospect is prepared to spend. This ensures users that they’re almost done, so they’ll quickly be able to return to looking at cat.gifs online or whatever they’d rather do.

Prestashop One Page Supercheckout provides a progress bar on the checkout page. The bar gets fills up as the process continues.

Display thumbnail images and product details

Prestashop One Page Checkout module

Whenever you are doing in-store shopping, you always have your products in front of your eyes. Most customers won’t forget what’s in their shopping cart (unless they’re on a major shopping spree), so as a success measure, showing thumbnail pictures of the items they’ve put in their cart, there may be another “grounding” tactic that reassures the consumer of what they’re buying. This can help to reduce cart abandonment on your online store.

Prestashop fast checkout addon has the option to display the cart details on the checkout page. Admin of the PrestaShop store can make changes to the One Page Checkout configuration settings, which will be displayed on the checkout page. 

Allow users to save cart effortlessly

Saving a cart for later completion should be as simple for the user as possible – or even practically effortless. You may want to check how saving shopping carts increases your conversion levels by default because even the most dedicated bargain hunter doesn’t think he can save his cart manually.

But, you want to help buyers come back to on-going transactions. Ask them before saving their information instead of looking creepy.

Offer Guest Checkout Options

Prestashop One Page Checkout

PrestaShop fast checkout addon offers guest checkout to the customers who hesitate to share their personal information. This can even help customers who are in a hurry. Approximately 14 per cent of online shoppers reported that requiring them to sign in to complete a transaction was a good excuse for them to leave – a more significant challenge than asking for too many details and an excessively complex checkout experience.

Prestashop One Page Supercheckout is developed keeping this in mind and has the guest checkout facility incorporated within. Guest checkout improves conversions and a significant rise is reported in the revenue after store owners incorporated Prestashop One Page Checkout module.

Quick checkout addon PrestaShop has some striking features and a dynamic UI that keeps users engaged on the checkout page. Some other compelling reasons which can reduce cart abandonment are social login, customizable layout, mobile responsive frontend, curated design, and much more. 

Final word:

Optimizing any eCommerce checkout experience is all about reducing friction and making it as simple and convenient as possible for consumers to purchase items. Prestashop One Page Checkout helps steady the customer in the process and significantly reduces the likelihood that they may abandon their cart in a moment of anxiety or hesitation.

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