Top Advantages of Using PrestaShop One Page Checkout in Ecommerce

If you own a PrestaShop store and looking for a replacement of the conventional checkout page then One Page Checkout can be an advantageous addon for your existing store.

It boosts conversions, reduces bounce rate, results in customer retention, and ultimately enhances the customer experience. Its unique functionality makes it better than the lengthy, time consuming multi-page checkout.

One Page Checkout displays all the necessary fields on a single page which helps users sign up or register to your website in fewer clicks. It has some explicit features like social login, skips optional fields, inline error message, guest checkout, multilingual and multi-store compatibility and offers several options for payment and shipping.

Advantages of Using PrestaShop One Page Checkout

All the above-mentioned features of the PrestaShop One Page Checkout provide an exceptional customer experience. The top advantages of using this addon in eCommerce are discussed here.

Enhances Checkout Process Experience

Checkout page experiences maximum bounce rate and cart abandonment. The conventional multi-page checkout appears clumsy and time taking. There are a lot of details that are necessary for the registration on the eCommerce website to complete the transaction.

Regardless of which, Responsive One Page Checkout PrestaShop allows users to complete the process quickly with social login and guest checkout. One Page Checkout extracts the address from Google auto address fill and auto-detect the country as soon as the user starts filling in the details.

These features improve the checkout process experience for customers.

Saves Time in Comparison with Conventional Checkout

Prestashop One Page Checkout module displays all the fields on a single page. Customers know about the fields beforehand and they mentally get aware of it well before.

One Page Checkout requires fewer clicks. With social login, one can sign up in just one click. Hence, a single page checkout makes it a one-click process, unlike a multi-step checkout where a user has to go through a number of steps or pages before they can confirm his order. It hardly takes any time for the purchase on the checkout page.

No more Cart Abandonment

Prestashop One Page Supercheckout reduces cart abandonment.

It has been found that the maximum bounce rate occurs when a customer reaches the checkout page. It can happen because of long page loading time, a multi-page checkout with numerous unnecessary fields, or lack of shipping choices.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout eliminates all these hurdles and allows users to make the checkout hassle-free in less time. 

Improves Conversions

It is bound to increase conversions by at least a bit by simplifying the checkout process, right? By enabling users to fill in the required information quickly with a single checkout page, you will notice an instant boost in how many customers actually complete the forms.

Conversion gets improved by a quick checkout addon on your PrestaShop store. Results for many studies with A/B test have shown a conversion of about 20%.

Conversion is oppositely symmetrical to cart abandonment. If conversion increases, there will be a downfall in cart abandonment.

Enhanced Retention with increased customer satisfaction

No matter what, a store owner wants high customer retention. All the above advantages are linked to this last one, which is one of the most important metrics you can focus on when it comes to eCommerce and business.

An improved checkout process also improves customer satisfaction. When they can buy the products they want faster and more fluidly they tend to leave a feeling happier overall. A happy, satisfied customer will return to your store which makes PrestaShop One Page Checkout the best and productive addon for the PrestaShop store.


Simple and responsive checkouts have proven to work, the only reason Amazon and other major retailers chose quicker or even single-click checkout solutions. Advantages of Using PrestaShop One Page Checkout can put a stop to all your customer conversion issues. It will enhance the customer experience surely hence, reduce abandonment and bounce rate.

You can refer to the PrestaShop One Step Checkout Guide to have a better understanding of the functionality. One Page Checkout module is available for other platforms like OpenCart.

If you want to learn more about the One Page Checkout for PrestaShop store then visit the knowband store or reach our 24/7 available support team at

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