Top 5 PrestaShop Addons to Increase Sales

An eCommerce store’s success is measured by how much sales it is making and how higher is its conversion rate. Being a store owner, your primary goal is to get a lot of quality traffic and achieve high sales. There are times when you get huge traffic on your eCommerce website but low conversions or people leave your website after initiating their purchases but not completing it. 

It is often frustrating as it requires a lot of time and effort to get the traffic on your website but not getting sales out of it. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 PrestaShop addons that will help you in achieving your sales goals. With these addons, you will not only get more sales and a higher conversion rate but also you will be able to get back your lost sales.

Top PrestaShop Addons to Boost Sales:

1. PrestaShop Flash Sale: 

With this PrestaShop Flash Sale addon, you can display a Flash Sale banner on your website and show sales on various products of your eCommerce store. With the addon, you can create an urgency among the customers to purchase the products in the sale and can easily boost sales on your eCommerce store.

The addon allows you to run a sale on particular products that can be selected from the admin panel.

2. PrestaShop One Page Checkout – PrestaShop Addons:

 If you want to get more conversions on your eCommerce store then PrestaShop One Page Checkout is the perfect choice for you. The addon simplifies and accelerates the checkout process of your eCommerce shop and allows your online buyers to fill in the checkout details quickly and easily.

The addon summarizes the whole checkout process including all the steps from signing-in to placing the order on a single page.

Unlike the multi-step checkout, your customers won’t be loading multiple pages to complete the checkout process, they can easily and quickly complete all the details and place their orders without changing the page URL.

3. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart: 

It often happens that a customer comes to your website, shows interest in your products, even adds the product to the shopping cart but leaves the website without completing his order. This is known as cart abandonment. Because of this cart abandonment, you lose your potential sales and customers on your online store.

There can be various reasons for it including rigid and lengthy checkouts, high shipping costs, hidden product charges, etc. With Knowband’s PrestaShop Abandoned Cart addon, you can easily recover your lost sales by sending these customers regular follow-up emails.

The addon sends automatic reminder emails to these customers to remind them about their pending orders on your eCommerce store and encourage them to purchase the products by offering them at a discounted price.

4. PrestaShop Automatic Related Products: 

In the list of Sales Booster PrestaShop Modules, the next addon is PrestaShop Automatic Related Products addon. With this addon, you can display related products on various pages of your website to encourage your customers to buy more from you.

The PrestaShop Automatic Related Products addon helps in increasing the average order value of your customers by displaying them products like frequently bought together or most-selling products, etc. With the addon, you can effortlessly increase the sales of your online business.

5. PrestaShop Gift Card addon: 

Gift Cards are a well-known and well-liked medium of payment. Most people get confused while deciding on a perfect gift for their loved ones so they choose to send gift cards. Gift Cards not only save the sender from spending time and choosing a perfect gift but also give the receivers liberty to purchase whatever they want to buy from the eCommerce store.

With Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Card addon, you can start selling gift cards on your online store and can effortlessly boost the sales and revenue of your online business.

The addon offers so many attractive and beautiful templates for almost all special occasions and holidays. Moreover, you can create as many templates as you want from the addon.

In this article, you learned the top useful PrestaShop addons by which you boost your sales and get more revenue on your eCommerce store.

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