The reasons why marketers choose these Prestashop Marketplace Integrators by Knowband

We will certainly be looking at the reasons marketers believe they are choosing the Prestashop Marketplace Integrators. However, before we get down to that, you should know which modules by Knowband we are talking about. Furthermore, these plugins can be very helpful for you to integrate your store with the marketplace. Moreover, it helps you sell efficiently on a secondary platform. 

  • Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon
  • The Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon; and
  • Prestashop eBay Integration Addon

So, let’s quickly review the goals of these Knowband Prestashop marketplace addons. The main objective of this discussion is to comprehend why eCommerce marketers suggest having these Prestashop marketplace modules for newbies. Therefore, feel free to look at the Prestashop plugins first before reading about the benefits of having them in your company.

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration

Buyers may see your products on Google Shopping and follow them to your establishment. In fact, they can search and find your products to be the best choice. They can thus obtain them there. With the help of the Google Shopping Feed for Prestashop, you may publish your goods as categories in the Prestashop Google Shopping Synchronizer. Control each character easily as well. Examples include things like gender, shape, size, color, and others.

Prestashop eBay Integration

The admin may link the marketplace to the store or the other way around with the help of the Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration Addon. Additionally, he can sell goods on the market. In reality, he can handle everything independently from the store’s back end.

Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration

The Knowband Prestashop Etsy Integration Module is an excellent tool. Additionally, it links your shop with the Etsy marketplace for handmade goods. The plugin enables the merchant to manage their profile, list the items in bulk, and perform a variety of other tasks. Consequently, it will be simpler for them to operate both systems.

Why do marketers choose the Prestashop Marketplace Integrators by Knowband?

Simplicity of setup

You will understand how to install these Prestashop marketplace integrators better once you get them from Knowband. In actuality, the user manual is included with each module. When installing and setting them in your company, it is quite helpful. Additionally, the support team is there for you at every turn. Send your needs in an email to

Managing these Prestashop marketplace integrators is simple

The modules are easy to install and configure, as the first paragraph mentioned. Furthermore, managing or monitoring the modules is simple once they start working in your company.

Let’s finish it up!

This is why all e-commerce marketers recommend these Prestashop integrators to one another. Why? because they have many advantages, are practical, and are straightforward. In fact, you can visit Knowband or contact them by email at to find out more about these Prestashop marketplace integrators.

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