Prestashop Google Shopping Connector- a boon for eCommerce stores

We all shop on the internet. It’s very possibly the best thing since sliced bread. Have you ever longed to shop among a selection of brands and labels while looking for a product? If you’re switching between eCommerce websites, this might be a time-consuming operation.

This is where internet markets for shopping come in helpful. Consider Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and, of course, Google Shopping. While Google Shopping is more of an ad platform than an online marketplace (more on that later), it does allow shoppers to browse a large choice of products based on their search query.

When a shopper clicks on a product link, Google Shopping redirects them to the retailer’s website, where they may complete their purchase. You’re missing out if you’re not advertising your stuff on Google Shopping, my buddy. Hence, we recommend the Prestashop Google Shopping Connector.

What makes Prestashop Google Shopping Connector a necessity?

Prestashop Google Shopping Connector is a necessity as it allows clients to search for, view, and even compare items on the Google search page. The add-on even helps Prestashop owners to map their products to Google Shopping. Along with the feature of mapping the entire Prestashop category to Google Shopping, the addon is compatible with the multi-shop environment. 

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module even manages different attribute groups such as color, size, gender, pattern, etc. 

How does Prestashop Google Shopping Connector list your products on Google Shopping?

Following the steps mentioned below helps in listing the products easily on Google Shopping.

Prestashop Google Shopping Connector

Prestashop Google Shopping Connector offers Product Listing

Under the Product listing tab of the Google Shopping Connector extension, the admin may see all of the products that need to be listed on Google Shopping.

The product image, Listing Id, Name, Profile to which the product is connected, Listing Status, and Date Added are all visible to the admin.

Prestashop Google Shopping Connector

Feed management

The admin will be able to define a timetable on this page of the Google Shopping PrestaShop Integrator. This way module can upload products to Google without any manual intervention. Feed scheduling can be customized by the administrator.

Prestashop Google Shopping Connector

Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator allows to enable or disable items.

Admins can use this functionality to remove their products from the product listing page. The products disabled will be deleted from the Google Shopping store and blocked goods can be enabled later by the administrator.

Prestashop Google Shopping Connector

How does Google Shopping Prestashop integration work?

The PrestaShop store admin must generate the API keys to set up the Google Shopping Integration Module (all procedures to generate the API key are detailed in the user manual). After the setup is complete, managing the Google Shopping store listing is simple.

Final Thoughts

Uploading Prestashop store products becomes easier with Prestashop Google Shopping Integration offered by Knowband. 

Furthermore, showcasing the product ads one of the best ways to acquire thousands of people to your site is to appear in the search results.

This module is easy to install and configure. However, if you face any trouble you can either take the help of the user manual provided on the website or can contact the Knowband support team. 

What is Knowband?

Knowband, popular for providing efficient plugins for different platforms to enhance their functionality and help their owners to increase their online business. Platforms for which Knowabnd provides modules are Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

Besides efficient plugins, Knowband offers efficient post-sales support to the customers. As a result, you may write to the Knowband team at The team will surely get back to you regardless of the day. Therefore, relying on Knowband services and plugins is beneficial for you and your business.

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