Bring new customers with the Prestashop Affiliate Program addon

Have you ever heard of the term – Refer and Earn?

Well, you might! The majority of eCommerce businesses invest in this technique. Why? In order to bring in new customers to the store with the help of deals and discounts.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a chance to make easy revenue. It can function admirably and work like magic if you know how precisely it functions. Affiliate marketing is a kind of revenue-sharing strategy. There are numerous tools accessible for affiliate marketing. Are you are looking for the tool to get this strategy started? The Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon is there for your eCommerce store.

How does affiliate marketing work?

When you display the feature of ‘refer and earn’ on your store, the existing customers can share the link. They can share it with their friends and everyone else as well. In addition, when they accept/share/shop from the eCommerce store, the existing customer gets the rewards. Well, affiliate marketing is a sneaky way to make money.

The affiliate marketing tool ‘Prestashop Affiliate Program addon’ permits the affiliate partners to welcome new users. Furthermore, they can do it through various methods into your store. The affiliate partners can get new customers by sharing a referral code or a referral link with them.

Affiliate marketing and referral programs additionally permit the affiliate to generate voucher codes. In addition, affiliate partners can share the reference interface on various social media platforms. For example, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, directly from their affiliate account.

Features of the Prestashop Affiliate Program addon

Characterized referral rate for the affiliates

A worldwide referral rate can be set by PrestaShop store admin. He/she can do it for the affiliate partners’ user registration and the orderly arrangement.

Custom commission for each affiliate

Albeit the Affiliate marketing tool for PrestaShop – the Prestashop Affiliates module permits the store admin to set a fixed worldwide reference rate. He can do it for the affiliate partners or customize this for each unique affiliate.

A voucher for affiliates on registration

PrestaShop Affiliate Marketing Module permits merchants to assign a coupon on the fruitful user registration of the affiliates. Further, the store admin can set the estimation of the voucher. In addition, offer it as a fixed discount or a rate premise. There’s additionally the alternative to characterize the absolute amount of vouchers and the constraint of vouchers per user.

Set validity for your referral program

The Affiliate marketing and Referral Marketing module give the alternative to run the particular referral program for a given time stretch. In fact, you can characterize a time period. After the predefined period, the reference code terminates.

Watch out for enrolled affiliates

With the Prestashop Referrals plugin, you can put an understanding into enrolled affiliates and investigate the details under the ‘Affiliate Customer’ segment.

Acquire details of the customers alluded

“Referral Listing” displays details of the customers who have done the registration by means of the affiliate interface.

Check the motivating forces the affiliates acquire

In the “Commission History” tab, the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module permits the store admin to see the motivators procured by the affiliate partners.

Check for payout demands from affiliates

The Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon permits the affiliate accomplice to get their payout/bonus as a voucher or money.

The affiliate customer must raise a ticket to pull out the commission procured from his/her record. Thus, it will at that point reflect in “Payout Requests.”

Advantages of Prestashop Affiliate Program addon

Affiliate marketing builds brand awareness

Increment your brand’s prominence by organizing a multi-level affiliate program in the eCommerce website store.

The program gives refer and earn chance

Offer your customers an exceptional acquiring opportunity. Do this by displaying on the website a choice to enroll an affiliate.

Assemble email subscribers

With more registration, you can get more email subscribers. The information can be additionally used for email marketing strategies. The Affiliate and Referral Program is a help to the expense of promoting.

Improved conversion

At the point when the referent makes a purchase using the voucher code you can drive more conversions and henceforth more sales. Giving the affiliates energizing impetuses can urge them to carry more customers to you.

Last Words

People are searching for sources to develop capital and earn more. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for eCommerce store proprietors to carry new customers to their store with the ‘Refer and Earn’ program. In addition, the Prestashop Referral Program addon can assist you with taking your business to a high level. Knowband presents the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module that helps PrestaShop store proprietors fabricate brand awareness and adequately increment their user base. Furthermore, it is one of the modules that you should have when you start your Prestashop store.

Check out the admin demo and the front demo of the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon by following the links below.

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