How Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency Addon can remove the language barriers?

The most basic perk of having the Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency module on your eCommerce is that it translates the language of the store as per the location. Besides, it also converts the currency as per the location. This is the sole purpose of having the Prestashop module in your store.

Why would translating and converting the language and currency beneficial for your business?

When you as a store owner install and configure the Prestashop auto switch language module, you expand your business to new horizons, bring in more customers, and increase your sales as well as revenues. This blog discusses the benefits of the Prestashop Auto change currency plugin. Go ahead and check them out.

Benefits of Prestashop Auto change currency plugin to the store owner

  1. One language for all countries: The power of switching one language for all the countries where the website is accessible is in the hands of the store admin. He can easily toggle a few buttons in the back-end and easily configure the feature to keep one language for all countries.
  2. One currency for all countries: As the above point mentioned that the store admin can configure one language for all countries, this aspect ensures that with the help of the Prestashop auto-switch currency module makes sure that the admin can set one currency for all the countries from the back-end without any hassle.
  3. The configuration is a one-time effort: When it comes to configuring the Prestashop module from the back-end and adding languages as well as currencies from the back-end, it is a one-time effort.
  4. A better user experience for the customers: When the store admin installs and configures the PrestaShop Auto change language and currency addon from the back-end and displays it on the front end, it provides a seamless user-experience to the customers.
  5. Improves chances of conversion: When the customers find content on the website that matches their locales, they find the website trustworthy and genuine. Hence, the chances of conversion and they ending up buying products and services from your store increase.

Benefits of Auto change language and currency addon to the users

  1. Automatic conversion of language and currency: Users would love to have content that is in the language that they understand and currency that they can pay in. The Prestashop auto switch language and currency add-on convert the default language of the website as per the user’s country automatically. Likewise, the users would be delighted to find a currency that they can pay without any hassle.
  2. Setting of default language: When a user logs in on the website, they can set the default language that they want the website to be translated in for them on the front end.
  3. Setting of default currency: When the user logs in to the website, he/she can easily set the default currency in which they would want to see the products on the website as well as make the payment.
  4. A better interface: The auto change currency addon provides a better interface to the customers.

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