How is the Prestashop Facebook Post Feed advantageous option?

One of the things that bother many is the difference between the Facebook Store module and the Facebook Post Feed addon. Don’t they look alike?

Well, the basic difference between the Prestashop module is that the Prestashop Facebook Store module allows the store admin to create a Facebook Fan Page where he can list the selected products and basic integrate the Prestashop store with the social media platform. On the other hand, the Prestashop Facebook wall feed addon is all about letting the admin display a block where the Facebook posts show. In addition, it also displays the Like button that increases the chances of the number of likes right from the Prestashop store.

If you want to know about the Facebook Store module, this blog is perfect for you. In this blog, we will focus on the latter…the Prestashop Facebook feed addon. We will discuss the various benefits of having the Prestashop Facebook wall feed on your eCommerce store. How is it beneficial for both the store admin as well as the customers to have that Facebook posts block on the front-end?

The benefits of the Prestashop Facebook Post Feed plugin for the Merchants

Facebook feed addon is fully customizable

The Prestashop Facebook Post Feed addon is completely customizable according to the need. The store admin need not have any specialized information to go through the cycle. Also, the admin can check out the User Manual for all the assistance he/she needs.

Promote your eCommerce business on social media with Prestashop Facebook feed

Being a store proprietor, you already know the perks of having an online presence on different social media platforms. And when one talks about Facebook, you simply cannot deny the importance. You can easily promote your business on the biggest social media platform right from your website.

Promotion of posts/news/notifications become easy with Prestashop Facebook wall feed

If you have a Facebook page where you post often, why should the visitors and customers on your store stay away from them? Any big news shared on FB? Why not share with them as well? Well, with the Prestashop Facebook feed, you can simply do the job by displaying a block where the current posts, any news, or notifications show up for your visitors and customers to follow.

Customers can hit the like button on the website

The Prestashop Facebook feed addon allows the store admin to permit the customers to hit the Like button of their Facebook page. Furthermore, right from the actual website itself. This doesn’t direct the customers and visitors to the social media platform but adds up to the liked counts of the Prestashop store.

Popularize your store and acquire more traffic

The Facebook feed module will upgrade the social media popularity of your store and invigorate more website traffic.

Display placement’ as per the wish

The store admin is responsible for placing the Facebook block on the right or left side of the front-end. He/she can do with the Prestashop Facebook wall feed right from the back-end with a few toggles.

Preview alternative

The store admin has the option of Preview from the back-end of the Facebook feed module.

Benefits of the Prestashop Facebook feed addon for customers

  • The customers can hit the Like button of your Facebook page with a single tick.
  • They can see their Facebook friend’s names who have adequately liked your page on Facebook.
  • They can peruse your posts without visiting the Facebook website.


The Prestashop Facebook Post Feed plugin is a small but functional add-on for your eCommerce store. It helps you grow the number of likes on your Facebook page and builds traffic as well. Hence, there is no problem in installing and configuring the module. You have total control of how it would look, where it should be on the front-end, and much more. Investing in the Prestashop Facebook Post Feed addon is a smart move that you should make right now.

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