The Prestashop Facebook Post Feed enhances your social media presence

This comes as no secret that having social media presence is a great booster for your eCommerce store. With the help of the Prestashop Facebook Post Feed Addon, the store admin can easily show the Facebook posts of their website on the store. Further, the Prestashop addon enhances the visibility of your products. In addition, gives your store’s presence the push by getting the customers to like the website page.

This blog will talk about the features of the Prestashop Facebook feed. Moreover, how it is beneficial for the store admin and the customers. Go ahead and know all about the Prestashop Facebook feed addon.

Features of the Prestashop Prestashop Facebook wall feed

Facebook feed module is fully customizable

The Prestashop Facebook feed module is customizable. The admin can totally customize it according to the Prestashop store admin.

The choice of using a small or larger header

The store admin can easily choose between using a small or large header. In fact, depending on the need of the store, he can set it.

Show or hide the cover picture

The store admin can choose between showing or hiding the cover photo on Facebook. He can easily do that with the help of this Prestashop Facebook Post Feed plugin.

Show or hide page posts

The Prestashop Facebook Wall Feed addon allows the admin to show or hide the Facebook page posts on the website.

Display the page posts on the left or right side

Depending on the need and want, the store admin can place the icon of the Prestashop addon where he wants. As he can either place it on the right or the left side on the front-end.

Fully mobile responsive

The Prestashop addon is fully mobile responsive.

Compatible with all themes

The Prestashop Facebook post feed plugin by Knowband is compatible with all the Prestashop store themes.

Does not conflict with any other third module

This module works seamlessly with all the other Prestashop addons available in your store.

Benefits of the Prestashop Facebook Post Feed for the Merchants

Being the Prestashop store owner, you can benefit by increasing the traffic on your website by having a social media presence. Allowing your customers to see your Facebook activities on the website will encourage more engagement and all this is simple by adding the widget of the Facebook Wall Post Feed on your website. Let us take a look at the benefits of having the Prestashop Facebook feed for the store owners.

Social media presence promotion

As a store owner, having a sound knowledge that social media presence is a necessity. In addition, for the success of the store, you can easily promote your social media presence from your store. What do you think of this?

Promotion of posts/news/notifications

With the help of the Prestashop Facebook feed addon, you can easily promote the Facebook posts. Moreover, it lets you promote news, and notifications updated on your Facebook page.

Customers can hit the like button on the website

With the Prestashop Facebook wall feed, you can allow your customers to like your Facebook page from the website itself.

Popularize your store and bring in more traffic

The Facebook feed module will enhance the social media popularity of your store and energize more website traffic.

Facebook feed addon

The Prestashop Facebook Post Feed plugin is fully customizable as per the need. The store admin need not possess any technical knowledge to go through the process. In addition, the admin can look up the User manual for all the help he/she needs.

Display ‘Likes’ count

The Prestashop Facebook Post Feed allows admin to display the ‘Likes’ count on the front end.

Preview option

The store admin has a preview choice on the admin board. Through this, He can easily check the list of followers and more from the back-end of the Prestashop Facebook feed.

Advantages of the Prestashop Facebook feed addon for customers

  • The customers can like your page with a single tick.
  • They can see their friends who have effectively liked your page on Facebook.
  • They can peruse your posts without visiting the Facebook website.


With the importance of social media presence catching up the fire, every eCommerce store owner looks forward to keeping their website’s online presence up-to-date. Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Hence, the Prestashop store owners cannot settle without being visible on the same. For instance, you abstain from taking your online business to social media platforms. As a result, you abstain from reaching out to the wider masses. Masses who could have converted to probable customers of your online store. Hence, this module is a must-have for your eCommerce store.

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