How does Prestashop Google reCaptcha Addon grow your business?

Google Recaptcha is free assistance that shields your site from spam and misuse. Further, this helps utilizes a high-level danger investigation versatile difficulties to hold computerized programming back from participating in oppressive exercises on your site. Moreover, it does this while allowing your legitimate clients to go through easily. All in all, Google Recaptcha is an addon that assists with recognizing a human client from a PC client on the internet. Human verification tests are also regularly added to sites to prevent them from getting spam.

Prestashop Google reCaptcha Addon

A captcha form can recognize a bot and a genuine client and redirect spam messages from your inbox. Furthermore, this includes conducting a little test for instance distinguishing letters, performing essential computations, or picking images that match a depiction. Normally, this pops up after you attempt to present an online contact form. If you pass through the test effectively, your email will be gotten by the business you are attempting to contact.

It’s the idea that as many as 200 million captcha tests are finished online in Google Recaptcha consistently everyday. On the off chance that you’ve not got a captcha test on your site, this blog will make you understand each aspect of Google Recaptcha and how it benefits your business. 

What is the role of Prestashop Google reCaptcha Addon?

An effective security solution that shields your site from spam entries while allowing genuine individuals to go through easily is what defines Prestashop Google ReCaptcha Addon

Furthermore, The Prestashop add-on can be utilized for login, registration, password recovery, famous contact forms, and so on. Also, this addon showcases images to identify humans as part of their typical validation procedures. Moreover, the Prestashop Google reCaptcha addon is profoundly customizable and offers flawless working. Also, the e-shipper can easily customize this Prestashop Google reCaptcha add-on from the back-end.

How does Prestashop Google reCaptcha Addon grow your business? 

Keeps your business website secure

Prestashop Google reCaptcha Addon even helps in growing your business by providing the website required security. Further, this addon system on your site asking that clients affirm their identity before submitting any form.  The human verification system even works on the website’s security by affirming that the client isn’t a robot. 

Human verification system offers great benefits

Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon benefit your store admin by performing several tasks. Including blocking spam registrations, messages, and remarks, etc.

Google ReCaptcha addon Provide freedom

Google ReCaptcha addon provides enough freedom to store merchants. Further, the addon provides features options to show Google ReCaptcha on 4 pages which are the secured pages: 

a. Client Login Page

b. Client Registration Page 

c. Client Contact Page 

d. Client Forgotten Password page. 

e. Supercheckout Page 

f. Newsletter

Prestashop Google reCaptcha Addon

Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon offers themes

Customize your Google ReCaptcha according to your website theme as this Prestashop addon has Light and Dark themes to complement your website. Hence, the administrator can change the front look as well as the feel of Google ReCaptcha. Along with that, the admin has the alternative to change custom CSS and JS. 

Prestashop Google reCaptcha Addon


Google ReCaptcha Module is viable with SSL, multi-store, and even supports various languages. Furthermore, this addon is compatible with all the Prestashop themes. 

Final thoughts on Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module

If you have a Prestashop store as well as tired of spam and spammers specifically spambots, as they cause mischief to your site and its content, Knowband Google ReCaptcha Module is the ultimate solution for you. 

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