Drive quality content with Prestashop Google reCaptcha

Knowband’s offers a Google ReCaptcha plugin for Prestashop which is a Prestashop module that checks to see if the user is human. It’s usually done to keep the website safe from bots. This Prestashop Google reCaptcha makes it simple for genuine people to access the site while also protecting it from spammers and bots. Furthermore, the addon includes a feature that allows the Prestashop website to verify that the user is not a robot. Moreover, it’s simple for humans but difficult for bots.

Prestashop Google reCaptcha

How does Prestashop Google reCaptcha drive quality content?

Recaptcha is one of the best means to shield your website from spambots. Further, the add-on provides protection from spam registrations as well as spam messages. Prestashop human verification module even protects spam comments. 

Hence, with the assistance of the addon spambots remain away from your website as well as the content. 

Prestashop Google reCaptcha

Additional features offered by Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon

  • The Google ReCaptcha addon can be displayed on any page in the Prestashop store, including the login page, registration page, contact page, and checkout page.
  • If a consumer forgets their password, the administrator can use Google ReCaptcha to confirm it, as well as for newsletter subscriptions, to prevent fraud or scams.
  • Before ReCaptcha is displayed to users on the frontend, the admin can set the number of trials.
  • The addon even walks you through the process of obtaining the Site Key and Secret Key.
  • Admins can customize the ReCaptcha display color to match their site’s theme.
  • If necessary, an advanced admin can use the back-office to add custom CSS and JS code.

Final thoughts on Prestashop Google ReCaptcha Addon

This Knowband addon is a powerful security tool that protects your website from spam while allowing legitimate visitors to get through.

The Prestashop plugin used for a variety of purposes. Including login, registration, password recovery, as well as popular contact forms. As part of its standard validation operations, the Google ReCaptcha plugin displays graphics to identify humans. This Google reCaptcha addon for Prestashop is highly customizable and works flawlessly. From the backend, the e-merchant can quickly adjust this addon.

Prestashop Google reCaptcha

Why Knowband?

Knowband provides Prestashop plugin development services. Knowband is a prominent eCommerce development firm that helps in improving the functionality of your eCommerce stores through its services. Furthermore, the efficient and hard-working professional Prestashop developers work tirelessly to offer best-in-class Prestashop development and support services.

If there’s a feature you’d like to add to your Prestashop store, chances are a Prestashop plugin will let you accomplish it. If you can’t find one, you can always contact us for custom plugin creation.

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