How different is the Prestashop Marketplace Gold Plan from the basic plan of Prestashop Marketplace?

Knowband’s  Prestashop Marketplace Gold Plan differs from the Prestashop Marketplace. The Advanced Multi-seller Marketplace PrestaShop Addon includes the marketplace modules.

Moreover, has Marketplace CSV import/send out, Marketplace Customer-Seller Ticket Addon, Marketplace Deal Manager module, Marketplace Seller Invoice, and more.

Marketplace Gold Plan for Prestashop by Knowband In comparison to the essential plan of a similar module, Gold Pack is distinctive.

Furthermore, both options are beneficial and aid you in creating a fully functional marketplace such as Etsy. However, the Gold plan includes a few additional features.

This module combines many elements to make the seller’s onboarding process more clear and user-friendly. Additionally, the Gold group of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module allows merchants to turn their single-seller store into a platform.

The Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Gold plan may aid the admin in many things. For instance, client support, bulk uploading, controlling markdown deals, modifying requests, and other tasks.

How does the PrestaShop Marketplace Gold Plan differ from the basic addon?

How different is the Gold Plan from the basic plan of Prestashop Marketplace?

Simple upgrades are available with the Marketplace Gold Plan for Prestashop 

This gold pack provides a simple upgrade. You may easily convert your business into a marketplace with this feature.

The Multi Vendor Marketplace Gold Plan has a review reminder module

The main plan of the Prestashop plugin has a few unthinkable features. Nevertheless, one feature that distinguishes the gold pack from the basic is that it is compatible with the review reminder module.

The addon allows business owners to send email recommendations to their customers. This helps the retailer gain valuable feedback on their new purchases.

Low stock warning

For traders, the Prestashop marketplace module’s low stock warning is useful. Marketers can use this feature to provide alerts to clients about the item’s low load.

Helpdesk for seller-administrators

The seller-administrator helpdesk feature is included in the Marketplace Gold Plan. Sellers may easily get in touch with the administrator with the help of this component.

Customization of receipts

Changing the invoice? It’s possible using the Prestashop plugin.

This feature allows sellers to customize the receipt. In addition, the receipt duplication. The receipt prefix, store name, and shop logo can all be included in the duplicate receipt.

Time-limited offers

The biggest advantage of using a gold plan is that sellers may execute offers for a reasonable price and, shockingly, on a rate basis.

Deal Manager

The deal manager is another functionality of the Advanced Multi-seller Marketplace Prestashop Addon. This feature allows vendors to offer discounts based on the Catalog or Coupon code.

The inclusion of several elements

We have mentioned all the elements and modules available in the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace Gold plan.

However, the basic plan certainly supports all these modules but does not come with it. The admin can easily buy them separately as and when he thinks they’re needed.

In the End

The Prestashop marketplace gold plan by Knowband helps you establish a marketplace effortlessly. Moreover, the inclusion of these modules is the only aspect that separates the plugin from the basic plan.

In fact, these help the admin monitor, manage, and run everything on the platform effectively. In case you have any questions, let us know at

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