Create a store on marketplace easily with Prestashop Marketplace

Creating your store on the marketplace becomes easier and fruitful with the help of the Prestashop Multi-vendor marketplace plugin.

Prestashop Marketplace

What is Prestashop Marketplace?

  • The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin from Knowband is a strong tool for converting your PrestaShop eCommerce store into a fully functional online marketplace. Moreover, the plugin allows store owners to expand their store’s reach and offer a wider range of products and services to their customers.

Other features to know:

  •  The PrestaShop Marketplace module allows you to transform your eCommerce site into a full-fledged marketplace. From the backend of the module, the shop admin can control stocks, orders, goods, and delivery methods at the Marketplace. Furthermore, the seller/vendors can be charged a commission by the PrestaShop marketplace owner on the things they sell.
  • In exchange for the commission they pay to the admin, sellers will have the opportunity to advertise their brand as well as service the Marketplace audience.

What are the benefits offered by the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module?


Whether it’s merchant or customer, everyone likes to have freedom. This Prestashop allows the admin to add custom shipping methods and even allows sellers to manage delivery choices for products. Furthermore, with the help of the module, sellers can easily add their shipping options. This way they can offer better shipping service to clients. 

Prestashop Marketplace

PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace allows sellers to access seller’s dashboard once accepted by a merchant. Here, they can upload their products and add shipping methods.

The plugin allows changing their seller profile, managing, and even process orders. The sellers can view their earnings and transaction history with the admin, among other things.

  • SMOOTH transaction

Multi-vendor Marketplace offers smooth transactions to buyers. Furthermore, buyers may quickly find and order from any seller on the PrestaShop Marketplace. A safe and secure transaction process allows clients to purchase products quickly. 

Prestashop Marketplace
  • Ask for a RETURN/REFUND easily

The module offers easy returns as well as refunds. PrestaShop Marketplace module makes it easy to seek a return, refund, or replacement. Customers do not need to go through any additional steps and can proceed as usual.

Customers can return things and receive a refund as they are not obligated to replace them and can easily obtain a refund. Furthermore, clients will only be refunded if they want.

  • Prestashop Marketplace Addon offers TRANSPARENCY

Transparency feature leads to better sales and higher revenue of the store. The module offers a transparency feature to clients due to which they can examine vendor information on a dedicated seller page for each seller.

Further, the email title, as well as body content, can be completely customized from the Multi-seller Marketplace backend. Customers can even rate and evaluate merchants listed on the Marketplace website’s first page.

Prestashop Marketplace
  • Choose from a WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS

This module provides a one-stop shop for any goods, making it simple for clients to place purchases. Furthermore, buyers can choose things from different merchants using an interactive interface on the PrestaShop Marketplace.

Prestashop Marketplace

Final words;

Creating your store on the marketplace is one thing and managing the entire process of business is another thing. Thankfully, Knowband this addon is capable of managing the entire process. Besides that, it manages sellers, offers approval configuration, manages the commission from the sellers, and even provides freedom to customize email templates for notification accordingly.

Therefore, Knowband Prestashop Marketplace Plugin is a must-have if planning to start selling products on the marketplace.

In case you have a query regarding the functionality of this module or any other module, you may write to the Knowband team at Knowband efficient developers will resolve your issue regardless of the day. 

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