Prestashop paginator benefit customers in 3 ways

The Prestashop paginator addon permits the clients to see the previous as well as next result of similar category by clicking on previous and next buttons on the product page. Further, the Prestashop paginator button on the item page allows store customers to see the previous as well as next product on the same page without going to the category list. 

Furthermore, Prestashop next product addon enables store admin to change the look as well as the feel of previous and next buttons as indicated by the need. Moreover, the addon provides a great shopping experience for clients by providing them quick view option to the website. Moreover, Prestashop navigation is a mobile responsive addon as well.

Previous Next Product Addon Features:

  • Prestashop Previous Next Product module can be enabled as well as disabled accordingly. 
  • The store admin can enable/disable the navigation of the products using keyboard arrow keys.
  • Prestashop Previous Next Product module allows the store admin to choose from multiple button types-image or buttons. Further, the addon is multi-store compatible. 
  • This Prestashop paginator module is mobile responsive and offers inbuilt seven arrow images to choose from. 
  • Using Prestashop’s previous product, the store customers can swipe left or right to see the next product on mobile phones.  

How customers are benefitted from the Prestashop paginator?

  • Clients are benefitted from the addon as it allows them to view Previous and Next results of a similar category.
  • The Prestashop Previous Next Product module offers a simple as well as an engaging interface to the customers. Hence, clients find it easier to browse products in the store. 
  •  Prestashop Previous Next Product module is mobile responsive and compatible with all browsers.

Steps For Installation of Prestashop Navigation Addon

Store admin needs to follow the below steps to install Prestashop Navigation addon.

Step 1:

Store admin needs to add addon folder under modules folder of your system.

Step 2:

The system will list the addon on the module page under the front office feature category after adding this addon folder.

Prestashop Prev Next Product Button Installation

Step 3:

The store admin will install the plugin by clicking on the install button. Furthermore, after installing the Prestashop product scrolling addon, the admin will see the ‘configure’ option at the place of install. 

The admin interface of the Prestashop Paginator addon includes general settings. To know more, visit the user manual provided on the website of Knowband.


The Prestashop paginator module permits the store admin to edit the Previous and Next buttons. Furthermore, it allows using arrow keys through the keyboard. Moreover, the module enhances your website UX by offering an easy navigation facility. Prestashop next product addon saves customers from fatigue and on the other hand, merchants from losing potential customers. Further, this module can come quite handy. 

The Prestashop next product addon offers the choice to change the background and text color of the button without altering the code. Further, this Prestashop next product addon improves the structure of site navigation by adding a few alternate ways. Also, the module urges the clients to peruse more items in the store. Therefore, this module is a must-have addon for your e-commerce stores.

Why Knowband?

Knowband is known for providing the best class plugins for different eCommerce websites, Prestashop is one of them. Their modules enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store. Furthermore, for offering Prestashop module services, they have hired experienced developers who are working with complete dedication.

Therefore, if store merchants have a query regarding Prestashop product scrolling addon or in any other module, chances are that the Prestashop module will allow you to do it. Store merchants can even write them at

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