What are the objectives of Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon?

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon permits clients to see the previous as well as next items without opening the item page. Further, the clients can attain simple and speedy navigation of the items with this Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon. Furthermore, the add-on offers a superior client experience. UX experience is the most unpredictable component between your site and the client. Great UX will improve the client experience on your online store.

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon

The PrestaShop Previous/Next Product View addon navigates the clients effectively to the previous as well as next item.

What are the reasons behind designing Prestashop’s next product addon?

The main objective behind designing the next product addon is to provide a superior client experience. Building a PrestaShop site isn’t sufficient to make an incredible online business. Subsequently, being an eCommerce entrepreneur, you ought to focus on the weaknesses of Prestashop default highlights and furthermore search for solutions for practical concerns.

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon

PrestaShop doesn’t permit item navigational buttons. For better item navigation, buttons can be added.

1. Customers find doing business efficiently

Guests to your online store will actually want to explore and go through all the items more effectively subsequent to introducing past/next buttons. This makes your customer’s lives simpler as well as upgrades their engagement and further increases the conversation rate.

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon

2. Prestashop navigation offers a time-saving feature 

Clients can now just explore among previous and ensuing items without getting back to the index or output page. Besides, purchasers won’t need to switch to and fro among list and item pages as regularly, saving them time and improving the probability of placing an order.

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon

How beneficial is Prestashop navigation to customers?

 Prestashop navigation is highly beneficial to clients as it makes the navigation process easier for store clients. Further, the navigation of the Previous and Next products of the same category becomes easier with this addon. Besides that, Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon offers a simple as well as appealing interface.

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon

Fully mobile responsive and compatible with all browsers are features that draw client’s attention to your eCommerce website.

Our final take

The Prestashop Previous Next addon on the item page addon permits the client to see the previous and next item without going to the classification list. Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon enables the administrator to change the look and even feel of both the previous and next buttons as per the requirements.

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon even provides a superior shopping experience to your customers by giving a speedy navigation alternative to the site. This Prestashop addon is completely mobile responsive. The addon with such incredible features is a must-have for any eCommerce platform. 

Therefore, utilize Knowband’s customized extension to save both client’s time as well as help them in making their buying more convenient. Prestashop navigation even allows choosing the design and even the feel of the button depending on your preferences. This makes it simple as well as appealing to users.

What is Knowband?

Knowband has been providing plugins and customization services for websites and modules. Furthermore, Knowband has been designing plugins for platforms such as Magento, Opencart, Shopify. Merchants who are not sure of relying on Knowband plugins must know that Knowband has years of experience working with eCommerce websites.

Customers facing any problem may write to the Knowband team at support@knowband.com as it provides the best and efficient post-sales support to our customers. Regardless of the day and time, their dedicated support team will help clients whenever they need any assistance.

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