What Does the PrestaShop Return Manager Addon Have to Offer?

In any enterprise company, getting a product returned from a purchaser seems like a bulky mission because of the several formalities and headaches concerned withinside the entire method. The entire experience may be an unforgettable nightmare if there aren’t any smooth provisions concerning the efficient return policy. Due to this growing hassle withinside the returning policy, the customers and the eCommerce agencies, are paying a heavy rate and the agree with deficit among them is brewing at a quicker pace.

This problem wishes to be checked urgently so that it will enhance the functioning of an eCommerce store owner amongst its enterprise rivals. To simplify the entire return policy and to streamline the entire method, eCommerce agencies are more and more adopting the Prestashop Return Manager Addon that has revolutionized the entire product returning method.

The Prestashop Return Manager extension by Knowband is a successful module for your eCommerce store. It offers a lot of features that make it beneficial for both the customers as well as the store owner. Check out the features of this module in this blog.

Main Characteristics of Prestashop Return Manager addon:

1. Gives a choice to the customers

With the help of the Prestashop Order Return Manager extension, the store admin allows the customers to return the products and have three choices – credit, refund, and replacement. When the customers place the return requests, they are prompted to choose from the options the way they want their money back.

They can either get it Credited in the site’s account and use it later or get the entire amount refunded and lastly get the product replaced.

2. Prestashop Return Manager Allows Admin to create the return policies

Giving the power in the hand of the store admin, the store admin can easily create the return policies as per the need. The admin can also highlight the return terms and conditions on the return page. In addition, they can specify the period after which the returns cannot be made with the Prestashop order return manager Module.

3. Post a query for the return

The Prestashop RMA module has a feature with which the store admin can inquire the reason for placing the return request of the product. The customers can simply choose from the options provided in the drop-down menu. With this feature of the Prestashop Return Product addon, the store admin will be able to understand the areas that need rectification.

4. Who should pay the shipping fee?

With every return request, the store admin can specify whether the shipping charges will be refunded or not. The PrestaShop Return Manager addon allows the online store merchant to set the return reasons according to the requirements.

5. The store admin can create a return on behalf of the customer

With the PrestaShop Order Return Manager, the store admin can place a return request on behalf of the customer. This happens when the customer finds it difficult doing the same and by providing the email address and order ID, the admin can accomplish this from the back-end.

6. Add an image for defects in products

The Prestashop Return Product addon has a feature where the customers can upload images of the defective products that they received while making the return.

7. Check the stats in the back-end

With the Prestashop Order Refund addon, the store admin can keep a check on the different return stats from the customers. Whether the return requests are pending, requests are active, or in case he wants to see all the successful returns, he can do it with the Prestashop Order Return Manager addon.

With a few filters in the admin-end, the admin can check the returns, change the return status, the return history, and a lot more from the back-end.

8. Allow customers to cancel the return request

With the Return Manager for Prestashop, the admin can allow the customers to cancel the return requests. The store merchant can easily enable or disable this feature from the back-end.

9. The customers can raise a new ticket

In case, the customers have any kind of concerns regarding their orders, they can raise a ticket even after the return request is approved. 

10. Customize the emails

The Prestashop Replacement Manager Module is enabled with 6 in-built templates that can be configured as per the email content accordingly. 

11. Custom CSS and JS

The store admin can make the necessary changes in the Prestashop Replacement Manager Addon through the Custom CSS and JS.

12. Prestashop Return Manager is GDPR Compliant

The Prestashop Return Manager Extension is GDPR compatible, responsive, and compatible with all browsers.

13. Enable disable product selection for replacement

In case of a replacement, the customers can select a few products if the admin has activated the same from the back-end of the Prestashop Order Return Manager Extension.

14. Enable disable the entire order

The online users can also return the overall order if the online store admin activates this option.

15. Custom Field

The online merchant can create multiple custom fields from the admin interface of the Prestashop Refund Order Extension. The store merchant can set custom field block names, apply validations, and also set a default value(if required). Admin can make any field a required field. 

Final say for the Prestashop Return Manager:

So, when you have the Prestashop Order Return Manager module installed and configured on your eCommerce store, you empower your customers to shop more without thinking too much. It has reduced the loads of formalities, paperwork, and complications that used to come uninvited with the product return request.

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