What is new in the Prestashop return manager Extension version v3.0.5?

Customers can return any merchandise for a variety of reasons including size issues, a defective or broken product, customer dissatisfaction, and so on. Further, if the returns are high, managing them can be quite tough. Therefore, Knowband offers a Prestashop return manager Extension to make managing your refunds a breeze.

Prestashop return manager Extension

Prestashop return manager Extension- let’s understand 

PrestaShop Return Manager is a feature-rich extension that makes managing customer returns a breeze. Furthermore, it comes with a slew of features to make the return process go more smoothly. On the PrestaShop addon store, the Return Manager Module downloaded over 500 times.

What is new in the Prestashop return manager Extension version v3.0.5?

The new version of Prestashop Return Manager Extension provides features such as:

Feature 1: Order Cancellation:

The new version of Prestashop Return Manager Extension provides order cancellation from the front end. Hence, clients can now request order cancellation once the order has been placed with the latest version of the PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) module. Further, in case of order status does not fulfill the given order status criterion set by admin, order cancellation requests cannot be raised. Only after the Order Cancellation request has been approved will the order be canceled.

Prestashop return manager Extension

Feature 2: Order Cancellation flow:

The new version of Prestashop Return Manager Extension offers Order cancellation flow. This feature even allows clients to cancel the orders for a specific or limited time. In case the client wants to cancel the order right away, which he/she has placed they can do so using the My Account section. Clients can even cancel the order within a short period. 

Prestashop return manager Extension

Features offered by Prestashop order return manager Extension to store admin

  • Admin can enable or disable the order cancellation option.
  • Admin can determine the order status on which the order cancellation request can be made. For example, the admin can choose a specific order status, such as Processing, Awaiting Payment, or any other order status, and only if the order status condition matches can the order be canceled by the customers.
  • Admins can add cancellation reasons, and consumers can choose from the list or specify their cause for cancellation.
  • Once the order gets canceled admin can authorize the order cancellation request. 

Additional Feature :

Email Templates –

Return Manager (RMA) for PrestaShop includes email templates for Customer and Admin Cancellation Request notifications. Furthermore, requests for cancellation can be approved or denied.

In short,

The Prestashop Return Manager Addon gives you the ability to manage return requests for every order placed by a customer or a visitor. The Prestashop return manager addon even allows the admin to add a return manager button link to the front-end through which any customer/guest customer can request a return of any goods from a previous order. It’s simple to use, and customers can return any product in their order in full or in part, which means they can return half or less of any goods in their order.

Why Knowband?

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