Why do you need the Prestashop Return Manager addon?

Managing product return is likewise a significant factor while handling an eCommerce store. Online users can have various purposes behind returning products. The online store admin can offer a superior store insight to the online users by making the product return measure simpler for the users and he can do that with the help of the Prestashop Return Manager Addon.

Presently the e-merchants can use Knowband’s Prestashop order return manager Extension which makes the general cycle of return handling way simpler and bother-free for them. The online store trader can permit the online users to make a return demand effectively by transferring product pictures, giving return reasons, choosing product amount alongside the return type and return address.

Thus, the online store vendor can make the interaction simpler and faultless for online users. Admin can likewise get advantages of the Prestashop order return manager Module which makes return extremely simpler for the store shipper.

This blog talks about the features of the Prestashop RMA that are the reasons why you need to have it installed in your eCommerce store.

Highlights offered by Prestashop product return

1. Offers better return process to the users

This Return Manager for Prestashop makes the general cycle of return exceptionally simple and bother-free for both the store admin as well as the customers.

2. GDPR compliance

The Prestashop refund order Extension offers GDPR compliance. The store admin can erase customer’s details on their solicitations.

3. Simple to put return demand

Online users can undoubtedly make a return demand by choosing the return type, amount, return reasons, and address. Online users can likewise share a product picture for giving better information of what went wrong with the product that they want to return.

4. Custom CSS and JS

The Prestashop order return manager addon permits the online merchant to enter custom CSS and JS codes to look and feel the executives.

5. Set return address and rules

The online vendor can set the location and return rule from the admin interface of this Prestashop order refund addon.

6. Set return strategy and return reasons

The store admin can set return strategies for credit, replacement, and refund. The Prestashop return product addon likewise gives an alternative to set return reasons without any problem.

7. Set return status

The online store admin can likewise set the default status of return demands. Admin can likewise alter, erase the return status and additionally add new return status from the admin interface of this Prestashop return manager addon.

8. Users can raise tickets

The online users can likewise raise tickets for a follow-up to return demands.

9. Create return

This Prestashop return manager Extension likewise permits the store admin to make a return in the interest of customers. Admin needs to enter email id and reference id.

10. Ready-made email formats

The Prestashop return manager Module has tailored email layouts for sending notifications to the users in regards to return status.

11. Status Check

The store admin can see forthcoming, dynamic, dropped, and archived return request lists. He can check them from the admin interface of the Prestashop order return manager Extension. Admin can likewise make a move according to his desire.

In the end

The Prestashop return manager addon is a must-have for your eCommerce store because what customers buy may not be the ones they keep forever. To keep your customers happy and engaged at your store, you should have the Prestashop order return manager Extension. In case you have Magento 2 or Magento platform, you can have the extension as well.

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