How do Prestashop Spin and Win Module take care of conversions?

When there is cutthroat competition in the eCommerce ecosystem, it’s important to use addons like Prestashop Spin and Win Module to boost conversions.

Spin and Win - Entry, Exit and Email subscription pop up - Prestashop Addons

Tapping the psychology of the site visitors and selling them the thought rather than the items is the most ideal approach to have an edge. The spin and win contest is one of the patterns that has reaped results for a lot of players in the industry. 

Which features of PrestaShop Spin and Win Popup Module are beneficial?

PrestaShop addon that you can use as an Entry popup, Exit popup, and email subscription module is Prestashop Spin and Win Module. This module is a 3-in-one module. Further, this module is a gamified tool and is very helpful in increasing customer engagement in your eCommerce store.

Prestashop Spin and Win Module


With the help of Prestashop Spin and Win Module, store merchants can offer different discounts to their clients when they spin the wheel to win a reward. 

How do Prestashop Spin and Win Popup Module increases conversions?

1. Prestashop Spin and Win pop up raise website traffic

Prestashop Spin and Win pop up increases website traffic and the reason is the superior and appealing User Interface of the site. Interactive UI draws more clients. Despite the fact that there are numerous different elements that influence the purchase decision of the clients. Further, the look and feel of the website is one aspect that can captivate them to remain in the store. Monotonous-looking and tedious site can easily put down the browse intention of your target audience. 

Prestashop Spin and Win Module

The fun-loving approach to part with the offers is something that interests the clients to visit your site over and over. As per a psychological study, a free coupon is far better than a no coupon for online customers. Thus, the whole situation ought to be organized to make the client feel as if the deal has stricken.

2. Prestashop Responsive pop-up addon offers higher client engagement 

If merchants want clients to stay on their website for a longer period of time, it’s very important to pay attention to the user interface. In simple words, a better User Interface is an easy method to keep the guests locked in. Further, a 10% discount coupons considered useless by the customers in general. The thrilling method to get a similar offer will make it beneficial.

Prestashop Spin and Win Module

One more striking component of the Prestashop Spin and Win Module is that is a preferable option to the exit pop-ups. Adding a spin and win module to your online store can effortlessly cripple the exit intent of the guests. Furthermore, higher customer engagement is the way to more noteworthy to greater conversions. Thus, the playful spin and win popup wheel option will eventually aid your conversions.

3. Stop the visitors from exiting the site 

Prestashop Responsive pop-up addon reduces bounce rate and stops clients from exiting the website. Furthermore, the pop-ups have been utilized for a very long time control leaving the intention of the guests. Notwithstanding, it was even blamed for irritating the clients.

Prestashop Spin and Win Module

Prestashop Spin and Win Module is one way to prevent the guests from leaving the site without irritating them. Furthermore, the best feature about this module is, the frequency of the wheel display can be controlled by the e-merchants. Merchants can even regulate the frequency of the wheel display with the help of this addon. Thus, the alluring spin and win module diminish both- bounce as well as exit rates. Clearly the additional time the clients spend on the site, the more will be the odds of conversions.

4. Better client’s purchase decision 

Utilize prizes won by spinning the wheel while shopping. Furthermore, the coupon code is automatically generated in spin and win popup module. Moreover, clients can copy and paste the code generated in the Voucher Code area of the PrestaShop checkout page. Not simply this, the clients are even notified about the coupon code via email. This way visitor’s purchase decisions can be facilitated and urge them to go to the checkout page.

Prestashop Spin and Win Module

What is the Final take of Prestashop Spin and Win pop up?

Prestashop subscription pop-up addon is one of the best ways of enhancing the conversions as well as the revenue. The addon is even capable of engaging customers for a longer duration. Well, keeping all the features in mind, it’s not incorrect to say that this Knowband Prestashop Spin and Win Module can keep you ahead of your competitors.

Knowband famous for providing best-in-class plugins like Prestashop Spin and Win Addon that can help in enhancing the functionality of your eCommerce stores. Along with Prestashop, Knowband provides modules for platforms such as Opencart, WooCommerce, etc. 

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